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Momentum Generation Surf Movie


Author: Constanze

Momentum Generation Surf Movie

MOMENTUM GENERATION tells the story of surf icons like Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Taylor Knox and will be presented in more than 40 European cities, starting in January 2019.

Nouvague is bringing some really exciting surf movies to your city this year. MOMENTUM GENERATION, which has celebrated its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, will be the first one.

Momentum Generation Surf Movie

Momentum Generation Surf Movie

The award-winning movie tells the story of surfing icons Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Ross Williams, Shane Dorian and many more, and how they left their families in their early 20s to follow their dream. Filmmakers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist came closer to the inner circle than ever and got access to many hours of private video footage. Deep insights into the scene are a given!

You want to know more about the lives of the famous surfing legends? Nouvague is showing MOMENTUM GENERATION in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland for the first time.

Are you curious now? Blue Tomato is a partner. As a special highlight we’re giving away 2x2 tickets for the movie nights on our shop Instagram pages. Keep your eyes open!


29.01.19: Wiesbaden
30.01.19: Innsbruck
01.02.19: Hannover
04.02.19: Cologne
04.02.19: Copenhagen
05.02.19: Berne
05.02.19: Hohenems
05.02.19: Linz
05.02.19: Salzburg
06.02.19: Berlin
06.02.19: Dresden
06.02.19: Lucerne
06.02.19: Mannheim
06.02.19: Zurich
07.02.19: Dusseldorf
07.02.19: Kiel
07.02.19: Offenbach
07.02.19: Vienna
08.02.19: Leipzig
08.02.19: Zurich
09.02.19: Zurich
11.02.19: Freiburg
11.02.19: Cologne
12.02.19: Geneva
12.02.19: Graz
12.02.19: Munich
12.02.19: Neuchâtel
12.02.19: Villach
13.02.19: Bochum
13.02.19: Flensburg
13.02.19: Stuttgart
19.02.19: Aarhus
20.02.19: Augsburg
20.02.19: Berlin
20.02.19: Bremen
20.02.19: Stuttgart
21.02.19: Hamburg
22.02.19: Hamburg
23.02.19: Kassel
26.02.19: Frankfurt
26.02.19: Munich
28.02.19: Heidelberg
28.02.19: Vienna
06.03.19: Munich
07.03.19: Den Haag
14.03.19: Sylt
26.04.19: Landshut

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