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Kelly Sildaru

Kelly Sildaru

Rider Profile
Day of birth: 17.02.2002
Nationality: Estonia
Home town: Tallinn
Favourite resort: Nõmme Lumepark

Sponsors: Blue Tomato, Faction, Roxy, Red Bull, Starman Eest, Finnair, Tuuleenergia, Utilitas Energy Group,

Kelly Sildaru with her young 15 years is already a star of the freeski scene. With a perfect Switch 900 at the Mayrhofen Freeski Open 2012 she was able to win the first place and since then has become an integral part of international contests.

Interview - Kelly Sildaru

Do you remember your first day on skis and how long ago is that?
I guess I don`t, I was more like baby back then, it was almost all my life ago :)

What was the first trick you learned and would you still consider it a trick?
I started from the beginning, so it was 180 and it is still a trick.

What was your dream job as a kid?
To become shop clerk.

What do your friends say/like/hate about you?
They say that I`m sweet and always helpful :) , never heard any hate, maybe they secretly hate that I`m such a pro on what I do :)

Do you have a secret passion?
I like animals a lot, domestic ones.

Who is your favorite Skier of all time/active right now?
Virginie Faivre, she is my first and forever love, she is so sweet and nice, my mentor, Also I like Kaya, she is confident on what she is doing, but as I meet new people all the time I get lots of new favorites.

What's your favorite place to ride?
By now all the places in France have become my favorite, because there I can meet the PVS family and do cool things with them.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
It`s a tough one, I don`t know :) , I´m living in a moment, only see the present not the future.

We invite ourselves to your home, what do you cook for us?
I would fry an egg for you or make pancakes, hope you would like that :)

What scares the crap out of you?
Spiders or any other insects, especially when I find them on or near me :)

Are you already recognized on the street, do kids as for your autographs?
I am recognized on mountains where I sometimes sign autographs or am pictured And it always happens abroad never in my home country. Estonians are shy and also we don`t have freestyle skiing culture so mostly people even don`t know anything about it or my abilities.

Have you ever googled yourself?
No I haven't. For you it is probably funny, but until now when my parents explained me what it is, I didn`t know the meaning of it :)

Do you have a crew that you mostly ride with?
Almost always it's my little brother Henry who is growing big and earning some respect, my parents who are filming most of the time and sometimes my best skiing mate 39 years old Rainar who tries to keep up with my skills, so we kind like push each other.

Do you remember your first Freeskis?
Sure do, I skied with them for few years and later Henry used them as his first skis. They were my uncle's snowblades adjusted with binding so they could fit my little boots and they allowed me to ski both ways. I still have them.

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