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Gang Plank 146 2020

Rome Gang Plank 146 2020

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Size chart for Rome - Men Freestyle Snowboards

Creativity and fun dominate with the Rome Gang Plank, regardless of where you ride on the mountain

Flat between the feet and rockered in the nose and tail, the Gang Plank has a loose, have-fun attitude towards every spot on the mountain. To balance this freestyle-heavy feel, the Gang Plank comes with bamboo HotRods in the core, to give it more pop for carves and ollies. For riders who want a very playful approach to riding the mountain from peak to park, the Gang Plank is the best choice for the daily driver within the quiver.

Riding Style
A fun all-mountain/freestyle board for every rider - carving on groomers, surf turns in powder or creative runs from the park to the peak. Good times never end with this board.

The perfectly symmetrical True Twin shape offers a balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden regular or switch. Boards with QuickRip SideCut have two different sidecut radii. This makes the board stable at high speeds and playful at slower speeds.

The Contact Rocker profile comes with a flat between the bindings and an even rocker in nose and tail. The board turns very easily but remains stable at higher speeds. Catching an edge is nearly impossible.

The medium-stiff flex provides you with a lively board that allows you to stay in control at all speeds and pop over everything.

The Pop Core Matrix scores with response and lightness. This core construction is built primarily of responsive, strong wood, with two zones of a lighter wood species. A Bamboo Single Barrel HotRod, a thin, hollow bamboo tube is inserted into milled channels in the core of the board to precisely increase ollie pop without making the board stiffer overall. The StraightBiax laminate is for riders who make the most out of any terrain. 90-degree fibres create a fun playful flex perfect for cruising and lapping park. Glasspack Impact Plates under the four corners of your bindings absorb and disperse energy before it has a chance to damage the core. The SinterTrue Base offers high levels of speed.

Subject to alterations according to the manufacturer. Image is non-binding.


  • Symmetrical shape for freestyle and switch riding
  • A blend of stability, agility and float
  • Article number: 580664
  • For: Men
  • Riding Style:
    • Freestyle
    • All Mountain
  • Riding Level:
    • Advanced
    • Beginner
  • Stiffness: 6
  • Base: Sintered
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Length (cm): 146 cm
  • Sidecut Radius: 7.32 m
    The smaller the radius, the better the turning ability. A large radius brings a smoother ride at high speeds.
  • Running Length: 112 cm
    The part of the edge that has contact to the snow. Shorter=agile, longer=more control
  • Waist Width: 24.6 cm
  • Nose length: 20 cm
  • Tail Length: 20 cm
  • Stance: 47.0cm / 59.0cm
    Minimum - maximum stance width
  • Core: wood
  • Rider Weight: 50.0kg / 75.0kg
  • Pop Core Matrix
  • StraightBiax Laminate
  • Rebound Sidewalls
  • HotRods: Bamboo Single Barrel
  • Glasspack Impact Plates
  • SinterTrue Base
  • QuickRip Sidecut

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About Rome

Rome SDS lives and breathes snowboarding and has done so since day one. Seeking to reestablish the true roots of snowboarding, Rome kicked off production is 2001. Their goal was to create a brand that lives the values of snowboarding and innovates products that increase the one thing that matters most in snowboarding: fun." They have overshot their goal by miles, and as true snowboarders at heart, we are stoked to have them as a part of our team. "