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Carver Skateboards C7 6.5 (C2) Truck Set

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Surf the streets of your city with the C7 trucks

The Carver C7 is Carver Skateboards patented front truck designed to create the same fluid dynamic for a skateboard that a surfboard has in the water. What gives it this ability is the extra axis of movement provided by the truck’s rotating arm, giving the nose of the board lateral thrust, in addition to the usual rail-to rail turn. With this extra turning capacity, the back truck becomes a pivot from which to snap turns, the way fins hold in the water while the surfboard’s rocker slides on the surface of a wave.

This dynamic also creates the much sought after ability to pump the board for speed, and is the feature unique to Carver that finally delivers on the long-promised feel of surfing a skateboard. Riding fakie is also like riding a surfboard, but backwards, where the nose feels squirrelly, and for this reason the C7 is a front truck only. The arm rotates smoothly on precision industrial thrust bearings, and is dampened by a fully adjustable, heavy-duty internal die spring that allows each rider to customize the feel of their board. But at its core, the C7 is still a skateboard truck, with a traditional hanger and standard new-school mounting hole pattern ( 2.1'', or 2 3/32'' long) that will fit any new-school skateboard deck, while preserving the original wheelbase.

The C7 Truck SET comes as a matched set with C2.4 6.5 rear truck and includes:

  • 2 Front and 2 Rear Carver gasket riser pads
  • C7 front truck
  • C2 6.5 Rear Truck

ATTENTION! Skate trucks are sold separately. For a pair of trucks please choose two.


  • Article number: 364613
  • For:
    • Men
    • Women
    • Boys
    • Girls
  • Construction Type/Ply: aluminium
  • Truck Mount: Top mount
    drop-through or top-mount
  • Truck Width: 6.5 inch
    The outer width of the truck incl. the pin that holds the wheels. The truck width should approx. match the deck width. 1 inch = 2,54 cm

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