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In the Blue Tomato range of snowboards you can find over 1500 different models to choose from. You will definitely find a snowboard in the size that fits your needs and enable you to stomp everything that you want. We have all kinds of flexes and shapes: From super soft for hardcore Jibber over rockhard carvers for uncompromising race runs to long-nosed and swallow-tailed splitboards for smooth backcountry Spots. It´s up to you to choose your favorite shape. Are you more into spinning rockersnowboards, cambersnowboards with a lot of pop or do you think about something new like the TBT-shape from Lobster and Bataleon for the upcoming season?

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Do you dream of the crazy tricks of Russ Henshaw or from the last powderlines of Fabio Studer? We got Skis to recreate all that stuff of your dreams! All that is missing to start right away is a pair of high performance ski boots which are the meat and potatoes for a perfect day on the mountain, and a ski binding for example from Marker to complete your setup.

No matter if on one or two planks, when you are at home on the mountain and prefer backcountry action over slopes, you will sooner or later start walking up the mountains to get where nobody was before and draw a perfect fist line on “that mountainside over there”. While having tons of fun you should also think about your safety. We offer a variety of the best avalanche backpacks so you don’t drown there. Reliable equipment like a shovel, a probe or an up to date transceiver can safe your life and the lives of your friends out there!

The Longboard scene grew a lot this summer! Jump on one of our complete longboard cruiser decks and start claiming the streets with your friends. If you have been around in the scene a little bit longer, you probably want to have a customized setup, don’t you? We provide you with trucks, wheels, bearings and a deck to individualize your riding by 100%. While pushing through a city center or flying down a curvy hill, the fun factor is guaranteed.

Skatepark, halfpipe, pool or just the stair set around the corner, there are a lot possibilities to put your new skateboard to the acid test. Flat Spot is also providing some rails and boxes to transform your backyard into „the secret spot“ all your friends are talking about. Wear a helmet on your next backside boardslide and make your mom happy, and with a little luck she will be so happy that she even agrees with you to buy you a new pair of skate shoes. Maybe some new ones of the Nike Janoski series?

Winter on the mountain, summer at the sea, living the dream! To make sure you can enjoy the swell as long as it stays, we have everything that guarantees fun in the wave! Shortboards, longboards or a big ass SUP? Your creativity has no limits! To ensure that your surf day does not come to an end until the daylight fades, you should slip into a cozy wetsuit that keeps you warm forever!