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Unpredictable weather? Easy to handle for Holden Outerwear

Some riders prefer wet and hard snow while others love the cold wind and dry powder such as in the Rockies. Then there are the summer shredders that prefer warm and sunny days. Whether snow or not: The perfect wardrobe is indispensable to make the most of every condition. And frankly, what is the best thing you can wear to a nice snowboard? Yes, a stylish and functional jacket and pants (at best, by Holden).

Cold and dry weather, foggy and rainy nights, warm and bright days. The Norwegian brand has the right outerwear to defy any weather condition. Whatever weather you face you can rely on Holden’s jackets and pants.

Holden spices up functional outerwear up with timeless style

Deciding on a brand for your next snowboarding trip without knowing anything about it? No way. Here are some hard facts: Holden will take you on an adventure while keeping you safe. The brand was founded in 2002 by pro-snowboarder Mikey Le Blanc and designer Scott Zergebel: experience and style go hand in hand. On top of this, the company boasts serious eco-credentials. High-quality wardrobe doesn’t just need to be functional, technical and fashionable for Holden – it has to be eco-friendly. These characteristics are something that makes Blue Tomato’s heart beat faster.

Holden has clear goals

…namely: designs products that are based on timeless quality, versatility, a customized fit and environmental friendliness. Holden creates great styles and uses the best materials for optimum weather protection. Each piece from the 2017 collection screams clarity and design while minimizing the ecological footprint. To achieve this goal, Holden is working on various projects. Responsible down, fabrics out of upcycled coffee grounds, recycled plastic and materials, solvent free DWR’s and laminates and 100 % solar-powered offices: This is Holden’s contribution to make the world a better place.

Our Holden Outerwear Guide for any weather

Cold and dry weather
The warmest layers are the most important ones when outside temperatures are low but you want to rock the mountains. Thick layers aren’t enough for hiking, jogging and sweaty outdoor activities. Wet clothes can be dangerous. Breathable fibers and materials protect the body from the cold, because perspiration can evaporate easily.

Fog and rain
Poor visibility and water permeation might ruin your shredding. Wet and dark days can be the best though – if you’re well prepared. Waterproof, but not water-repellent, outer layers are essential for such conditions. Dull days can become true adventures with optimal equipment. …and honestly, aren’t those the best ones? Ones you think about years later? With Holden – definitely.

Warm and bright

Warm and sunny days can be unforgettable. Make the most of your spring and summer in the mountains with lightweight and versatile gear that protects you from the sun.
Holden’s outerwear is inspired by military durability and therefore is almost indestructible. In our Blue Tomato Online Shop you can find the right equipment for the mountains. The weather might be unforeseeable but you can foresee your equipment. With the help of Holden outerwear and our guide you are on the safe side.

Happy shopping, happy shredding!