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FTWO, Fast Boards for Hard Shredders

It was the year 1981 and somewhere near Salzburg a new brand was stirring. Fast forward 30 years and F2 have come to be one of the most experienced brands in terms of snowboards, windsurfing, equipment, kiteboarding and wakeboards. These days F2 International Sports GmbH products are shipped around the world from Thüringen in Germany and are known for their quality, functionality and durability. F2 is one of the few companies to still make top quality race boards and bindings so it’s no wonder their F2 Silberpfeil and Speedster Series boards absolutely dominate the race scene. The brand are also active in the freestyle scene, operating under the name FTWO and manufacturing eye-catching boards with innovative shapes that leave their competition in the dust.

FTWO Snowboards - Innovative Board Technology and Tip Top All Terrain Performance

FTWO Men’s Freestyle Snowboards

FTWO freestyle boards are built to last and benefit from years of board manufacturing experience. Their boards are designed for strong, all terrain performance and there are three different shapes to choose from:

  • Wing Rocker - camber beneath the bindings and a central rocker gives the board both pop and float in powder. You’ll find this shape on the FTWO Neondeck.
  • Flat Rocker construction makes for a manoeuvrable, forgiving board. This shape can be found on their Junior Boards amongst others. The Reverse also features an all-mountain flat rocker for hard shredding all over the mountain.
  • Traditional Camber still features amongst the FTWO line bringing with it all the benefits you would expect, such as stability and smoothness at high speeds. You’ll find it on the Bloom for ladies and the high end Random for men.

The FTWO freestyle line also features such innovations as FTWO Bionic Edge technology which helps provide optimum power transmission and shock absorption under the bindings and at the nose and tail in rougher terrain. Their Slim Tip and Floater Tip technology makes boards lighter and helps give that extra bit of float in powder. You’ll also find a selection of bindings, boots and accessories to go with their excellent range of freestyle boards.

F2 Race Boards and Race Bindings

F2 men’s Alpine Snowboards

F2 Raceboards are manufactured 100 % in Europe - or more specifically, Bayern - under the watchful eyes of Sepp Loipführer, a luminary of the ski and snowboard building world. Their high speed destroyers are built with the best technology to guarantee the fastest speeds, including Vario Camber for manoeuvrability and stability and Carbon Equalizer technology for a more dynamic ride. They also feature the renowned Torsion Control System TCS to guarantee optimal edge hold and vibration dampening. Their quality F8000 Nanobase and F4000 Elektrabase are stone ground and Razor Tuning keeps those edges locked in, even in icy conditions.

Winter is on its way - make sure you’re ready to rock, whether you’re racing or ripping in the park or powder. Grab your FTWO weapon at Blue Tomato.