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Bleed (30)

Bleed bleed (s) for nature

The family company, since being founded in 2008, lead to encourage a brand that causes a low impact on the environment. They live by the ethos that no man, beast nor nature should “bleed” to create produce. This is the underlying law of the brand that is firmly anchored through the production and supply chain.

The company offers ecologically, fair, vegan sports and streetwear, which is not only technically different from the dusty image of conventional eco-fashion we have today but, with this claim, it was already one of the first in the market in 2008.

Save your playground

Bleed is a company with young employees, all of whom love to travel in nature. Whether it is skating, snowboarding, biking, climbing or bouldering or on a relaxing exploration tour at the end of the evening. They appreciate their playing, their nature. This is their motivation to generate a sustainable product range and to constantly improve existing products.

Bleed: healthy on the outside, healthy on the inside

The company has been using high-quality and recycled fabric from Sympatex ® made from recycled (PET bottles) since 2008 for functional jackets. Starting for the summer season 2019, there is also a new, further product material highlight, which really is something special. For the first time, bathing and surf wear made from recycled fish netting. From the sea, for the sea.

We will give you a brief overview of the materials used by Bleed to give you more of an insight:

Organic cotton:
No half measures! All cotton in the collection comes from organic farming. This even includes fair working conditions throughout the production chains, this means, no child labour, no herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified seeds, lower water consumption and fair compensation for all stakeholders.


Bleed brings back the traditional material, previously very popular due to it being available in the masses, being extremely durable and breathable. Proven to be a winner in the summer thanks to its lightweight qualities and cooling effect on the skin ensuring we don’t get in a sweat.

TENCEL ®is obtained from eucalyptus fibres and is respiratory-active, temperature-regulating and odor0inhibiting. It is extremely soft and offers itself as a perfect vegan alternative to merino wool.

Sympatex ® function materials:
For functional jackets, Bleed has applied Sympatex ®. These substances are 100% recycled and the membrane is free of PFC and PTFE.

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