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Atrip (21)

Atrip- clothing for the piste and off-track

There is one thing that moustachioed Halldór Helgason doesn’t like at all: High-tech clothing that reminds him of scientific expeditions. That’s why the Icelandic pro-snowboarder founded his own label and did a few things right. The result? Atrip makes functional streetwear that is mountain-approved and roadworthy. Snow-loving townies think it’s great. Mustache-man Helgason calls his snow- and streetwear “clothing for badass people”. He doesn’t want to change between his snow and skate sessions. And he doesn’t see why his snowboard sidekicks should either. Grab your snowboard, your favourite  jackets  and pants, dancing shoes or whatever your heart beats for. Just don’t worry about your apparel. His idea is to create apparel for riding the mountain, and shopping, partying and whatever else you like to do in your spare time: A new brand has been born.

Thank you Halldór, Thank you Atrip- No changing needed

Snowwear that looks like streetwear, or streetwear that’s perfect for the mountain? A common question after taking a closer look at the Atrip collection. Helgason says: Who cares? Blue Tomato agrees. The only thing that matters is that you’re as comfortable riding as you feel just as comfortable as when you’re at a hot party.
Halldór Helgason is a pro. He was the first Icelander to win a gold medal at the Big Air’s 2010 in Aspen. He is an expert and knows the requirements of riders and party animals. Atrip’s onto a winner with its cool designs paired with functionality.

Hoodies for underneath, beanies for above

We already know one thing: You don’t need to change all day, if you don’t want to. From the piste straight to the party. You shouldn’t hide the stylish Atrip hoodies underneath your snowboard jacket. They are great for après-ski. If you are looking for eye-catchingaccessories , take a look at the beanies and neckwarmers. Check out Helgasons movies “Never Hot” and “They Came From” to learn more about the Icelandic brand.

Waiting for set konfiguration