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Longboard Decks


Longboard Decks – Boards with Cult Status

Longboard lifestyle

The first longboarders were actually just surferswho mounted wheels to the bottom of their boards, and this is still reflectedin today’s longboards. Despite all the technical advances over the years, most decks are similar to the surfboardsthat the guys in Hawaii and California used to surf huge waves with. Allshapes, flexes and wood types are available at Blue Tomato, of course!

Nomatter whether you want to change your current setup or if you’re putting togethera new board from scratch, your choice of deck will affect your entire ridingperformance and is the centrepiece of your longboard. It’s basically a plank ofwood, usually made of around seven layers, but packed with many differenttechnologies that will influence your entire riding experience. Or have youever tried to slide downhill at 70 km/h with a cruiser deck with a pintailshape? If you have, you probably never will again!

Half a forest in your deck – but still environmentally friendly!

Maple wood
is the classic choice for skateboards andlongboards and the most common material used. The reason that this material isso perfect is its surprising durability. Canadian wood is naturally harder andstiffer, which is why you will love it for bombing downhill. You can reach breath-takingspeeds without a motor, petrol or pollution to the environment.

Mellow concave, standard concave and high concave of a longboard deck

Bamboo wood
has also become very popular. Thissuper light material is often combined with maple wood to create a perfect flexwith maximum durability. A hybrid mix can give you a soft ride for carvingsessions and turns without compromising the stability required for high speeds.Plus, the construction of these decks is thinner, automatically making itlighter. That makes your setup even easier to carry, if you do ever need tostep off your board.

Youwill also often find a mix of maple, bamboo and fibreglass used in today’s longboards. Brands like Never Summer like to call this technology anFCC-Construction, while Globe named it FLX-Construction. Loaded also uses this new technology. It makes your deck even more stableand greatly strengthens the cushioning qualities of bamboo. The construction isa lot thinner, as fibreglass can replace an entire wood layer.

Longboarddecks don’t only differ in the types of wood used, but also in theirconstruction and technology. Camberand rocker shapes, usually used for Snowboards and Freeskis, are now oftenused for longboard decks, too. A positive camber makes the board bend to a neutralposition when you put your weight on it. This shape is usually used for carvingdecks, as it noticeably helps to initiate turns. A rocker shape, on the otherhand, is a negative camber where the board is curved downwards to give you aclose-to-the-ground stance. This makes pushing much easier and you have a lotmore hold on your board. There are also many different preferences whenit comes to the vertical concave. You can choose between a standard, a mellow and a high concave. If you can’t decide between them,you could also go for a deck with a W-concave.You’ll love the stiffness in the centre of the board, especially if you’re intofreestyle.

The Perfect Deck: The Downhill-Skating Boardwalking Cruiser

Longboard shapes overview - Cruiser - Freeride - Carving - Downhill - Dance

Theselection is enormous and might make you confused at the beginning. There areas many different types of longboarders as there are different shapes. But noneed to despair! Blue Tomato has theperfect deck for every taste!

Ifslides and sick tricks are your passion, then you should go for a freeride deck. These boards usually havegaps at the nose and tail to accommodate the popular drop through mounts. These make your point of gravity a little bitlower to enhance stability. Freeride decks are often constructed with a deep concave in order to give you an idealstance at high speeds.

Ifyou want to combine ‘new school’ and ‘old school’ longboarding, boardwalking or dance boards are perfect for you. The nose and tail kicks make thisdeck a very large skateboard. This means you can do flip tricks or old schoolboneless tricks on the curb – this board is ready for anything!

Cruiser longboards send you on a trip through time andgive you the feeling of an oldschool skateboard. This shape often only givesyou a short but wide deck with a large surface area and a kicktail. These boards have an excellent manoeuvrability that makesthem great for pools, skateparks and sidewalks.

Ifyou care more about board feel than high speeds, you should choose a carving board. The asymmetrical shapemakes it easy to see that this board originates from surfboards. These boards usuallyfeature a camber construction made of a maple-bamboo mix to make tight turns apiece of cake!

All speedfreaks out there have their own specific shape, too. Downhill decks are usually made of maple wood to keep the boardstable. These longboards usually feature a drop through mount to shift yourcentre of gravity a bit lower. The wheels are positioned far from the board tofully avoid wheelbites.
No matter which type of longboard suits your style – Blue Tomato has everythingyou need, from decks to complete sets!