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Dynafit (42)

Dynafit – be at the peak of all mountain sports

A brand for backcountry ski enthusiasts in the winter, and runners in the summer? Dynafit has made this vision come true. In order to guide athletes to the top of the mountain, and to the height of their own limits, all of the brand’s products and processes prioritize lightness, speed, performance and technology – all in one! In addition, Dynafit employees truly live this ideology, since they themselves are also completely dedicated to ski touring and alpine running. The perfect conditions for the best products.

The motto: make a product out of a little bit more than nothing

At Dynafit, only the highest quality materials and fabrics are selected, processed and tested. Athletes and mountain sports experts trust that their products are being continuously developed and are able to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Lead by the motto "make a product out of a little bit more than nothing," everyone can rely 100 % on Dynafit’s extremely light-weight and high quality products.

Made to win: Franz Klammer & Co. trust in Dynafit

Franz Klammer won the skiing downhill on Dynafit in Schladming in 1973 and since then, Dynafit boots have become an indispensable piece of equipment on the mountain scene, especially for backcountry skiers. Today Dynafit offers ski touring boots, touring skis, and skins, as well as equipment such as running shoes, backpacks and all kinds of other sports apparel for men and women to make your mountain adventures perfect!

For your best ski-touring adventures!

In 2002 the brand took over the worldwide distribution of ABS avalanche airbag backpacks and since then, active ski athletes have determined the company’s expansion and structure. Again and again, athletes from the Dynafit team, which is made up of international experts in racing, expeditioning and freeriding, break new records. The faster they get up and down the mountain, the better.

Dynafit: a brand for all seasons and all your adventures

With a pioneering role in the ski touring sector, it is easy to forget that Dynafit also focuses on summer sports, such as vertical running, alpine running, ultra running and cycling. With events such as X4 and X7 - which respectively inspect the four and the seven highest peaks in the world - steps have been taken to promote the brand throughout the year. We are excited to see what challenges the brand will offer up to mountaineers in the future.

Dynafit and a meaningful logo

In 2005, the snow leopard was introduced as the brand’s new logo. This animal is a perfect symbol of the four values for which the label stands: Speed, Lightness, Performance and Technology. In addition, the animal is a role model for everybody who wants to zip around the highest peaks of the world easily and quickly.

With this logo, the firm has set itself the task of protecting the world’s remaining snow leopards. In collaboration with the Snow Leopard Trust, events have been held, such as "Snow Leopard Day," to promote donations towards the conservation of this species.

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