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Cayler & Sons (16)

Premium Headwear – Cayler & Sons

The label Cayler and Sons always strives for more. They are working, tirelessly and successfully, to be the next big players in the cap business. The best quality and innovative graphics are key features of their extraordinary, striking head gear.

With the motto, ‘for true heads - by true heads’ the label marks a new genre in the world of caps. Cayler and Sons are veering away from the sports team logo trend and showing that caps and snapbacks are not always in need of team prints. C&S is standing out from the competition with their great love of detail. Both their under-brim prints and never-ending pursuit of perfection are really making this label into the cool alternative.

So that you can also score points in your street style, Cayler & Sons also offer laid back clothing, such as T-shirts and jackets, for both men and women.

The right style for the world’s metropolis

Even a short walk in the city is enough for you to spot the iconic C&S cartoon hands adorning a piece of clothing or a snapback cap. The label also stands out with its city and country-specific graphics. Symbols from Paris, Brooklyn, the USA and Germany always find their way into C&S’s colourful, and black and white, prints. After all, how often does a hemp leaf or such appear that isn’t making a statement?!

From snapback caps to socks, hoodies and accessories, Cayler & Sons have everything, so there’s no reason for them to be missing from your wardrobe! With their colourful prints from head to toe, you can twist your look according to how many heads you want to turn in the street. After all, who doesn’t like being in the spotlight? The streets, skate park and beach all become one big stage, on which you can shine with your neat tricks and awesome outfit.

Their laid back styles, along with the cool features, ensure you a great wearing feel. Not only will you look good, but you are guaranteed to be super comfy.

At the Blue Tomato store you’ll find a huge selection of Cayler & Sons products to view, enjoy and shop. You’re new cap and hoodie combination is sure to be an eye-catcher!