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Escalation am Eck

We're celebrating the 11 years collaboration Stuhleck Parks x Blue Tomato

The "Escalation am Eck" on the 12th of March at Laveview Park was a real party!

With a nice view of the mountains and great weather, we celebrated the 11-year partnership with Stuhleck Parks. Besides a great contest, good music, great atmosphere, there was also enough food & drinks for all riders and spectators. Snowboarders & skiers completely tore the park apart and showed what crazy tricks they could do. After the registration at 09:15 and the riders meeting at 10:30, the contest for a prize pot of € 3.000,- could finally start at 11am.

The contest format:

The crew of the Stuhleck Parks had come up with a slightly different contest format for 11 years of partnership:

A trick sheet was created for the contest - here the riders found predefined tricks for each of the 4 sections in the park. In these sections, each rider had two runs. So either you could go for safe and collect few points, or you could take a risk and do a trick that you didn't always know how to land. But if you stomped it, you could collect real points. The choice of tricks did not have to be announced beforehand - the rider could change his mind shortly before take-off.

The tricks had to be landed and performed cleanly - only then they did count.

The direction of the turn was not decisive - switch or normal earned the same score - unless the direction of the turn was already given. Revert counted as not standing!

Per trick you could get extra points for the style - that means grabs for example brought extra points. The decision was then entirely up to our judges.

In summary - you should have thought about a strategy in advance, on which sections you are better or worse and also score solid points even with simple tricks! Tricks that were done were noted on the judges' list and could not be repeated. So you couldn't improve your score with a second try.

Snowboard - overall winner:

1. Platz - Simon Gschaider

2. Platz - Florian Galler

3. Platz - Florian Judmayr

Snowboard - section winner:

Section 1: Downrail to Downrail - Dominik Holzinger

Section 2: 2er Kickerline - Dennis Seckl

Section 3: Flat stairs to downstairs - Simon Gschaider

Section 4: Flat rail to double Kink - KEPS?

Snowboard Girls:

1. Hannah Karrer

Ski - overall winner:

1. Platz - Samuel Cherlias

2. Platz - Thomas Beran

3. Platz - Jakob Lunger

Ski - section winner:

Section 1: Downrail to Downrail - Tim van Dyck

Section 2: 2er Kickerline - Simon Spilka

Section 3: Flat stairs to downstairs - Christian Gander

Section 4: Flat rail to double Kink - Samuel Cherlias

The overall winners of all sections took home the cash.

But nobody went empty-handed:

For the crowning finale there was a fat Cash4Trick session at our new Escalator Obstacle.

When the contest was sadly over, the party really started! The music was turned up and you could enjoy a hot dog or beer from our stand on a donation basis.

We are happy that everyone was there and that we could all escalate together at the Stuhleck Park.

Thanks for the mega contest!

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