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Sup Ankle 10' Leash

Creatures of Leisure Sup Ankle 10' Leash

$ 60,23
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Farbe: cyan/black
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Customer Service: +43 3687 2422 333
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Creatures of Leisure Sup Ankle Leash 10'

The Creatures of Leisure SUP Ankle Leash is suitable for medium waves. Designed to use in the surf, this heavy-duty 10ft leash will be able to handle the extreme pull from a SUP board. 


  • Artikelnr.: 431902
  • Für:
    • Herren
    • Damen
    • Jungen
    • Mädchen
  • Länge: 10' ft
  • Leash lenght: 10’ x 3.0m
  • Cord thickness: 5/16” x 8mm
  • Cuff width: 2.0” x 50mm
  • Railsafer width: 1.5” x 38mm
  • Patent Pending 50mm Non-slip Cuff
  • Surefire Leash Release
  • DNA Flex Mould
  • Leash Lock
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel


Über Creatures of Leisure

Creatures of Leisure is a brand built on the passion for surfing. They are from Western Australia, on the currents and waves of the powerful Indian Ocean. Their environment shapes them as their waves are the perfect place to test their leashes, traction pads and other surf essentials.