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Grizzly Grip Gum

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Farbe: pattern
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Customer Service: +43 3687 2422 333
Größentabelle für Grizzly - Zubehör Skate

Für ein makellos sauberes Griptape - Grizzly Gum Grip Tape Cleaner

Eine himmlische Verbindung: Grizzly Griptape und der Original Grip Gum haben zusammen den Grizzly Gum Grip Tape Cleaner entwickelt. Er entfernt Schmutz, Dreck, Mist, Staub und schlechte Vibes von deinem Griptape. 


  • Artikelnr.: 513839


Markenprofil Grizzly

Grizzly was started by Torey Pudwill when he was just 12 years old, as a small local griptape company for a few die hard skateboarders. Working out of his dads garage to earn a few extra bucks, Torey never dreamed of the success Grizzly would have in the years to come. With one of the biggest and most loaded pro teams on the skateboard market, Grizzly stand for everything that's real in skateboarding. The idea wasn't born out of a dream to be successful, Torey just wanted to have something fun he could share with his homies. That attitude hasn't changed since day 1 and it is the driving factor behind Grizzly's success.