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Triple 7'1 Surfboardtasche

Creatures of Leisure Triple 7'1 Surfboardtasche

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Creatures of Leisure Triple 7'1 Surfboard Bag

The Triple Boardcover is designed for serious surf travel. The three board capacity allows you to have all your bases covered while safely transiting your quiver to your destination. The Triple Boardbags feature the exclusive Diamond-tech® fabric, a custom-made interwoven dobby fabric which is resistant to UV degradation, stable in high temperature ranges and has a hydrophobic coating. While the Diamond-tech® fabric provides superior abrasion resistance, the 10mm closed cell foam padding provides board protection in the event of impact. The Air-Flow Ventilation System allows trapped air to be removed from the Boardcover, replacing it with cool fresh air, removing humidity and moisture. Other features include: Internal and external compression straps, ergonomic mesh-lined shoulder strap complete with heavy duty metal reinforced clips, heavy duty carry handles in the centre and front of the bag complete with reinforced nylon drag plate. Slim fit side-wall design which eliminates excess fabric and marine grade corrosion resistant heavy duty PK zips. Available in Shortboard and Fish designs.


  • Artikelnr.: 565617
  • Für:
    • Herren
    • Damen
    • Jungen
    • Mädchen
  • Materialangabe: Diamond Tech, EVA, neoprene
  • Boardlänge: 7.1 ft
    1 ft = 30,48 cm
  • Boardbreite: 22 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Länge (cm): 216 cm
  • Breite (cm): 56 cm
  • Rucksack-Features:
    • Geteilte Ebenen
    • Passend für mehrere Boards/Ski
    • Gepolsterte Konstruktion
    • Gepolsterte Schultergurte
    • Schultergurt
    • Tragegriff(e)
  • 10mm Closed Cell FOAM padding
  • DIAMOND-TECH fabric
  • Marine Grade Corrosion resistant – PK Nylon Zipper
  • Air-Flow Air Ventilation System
  • EVA reinforced padded carry handle with Neoprene lining on the underside for added comfort
  • Ergonomic Mesh Lined shoulder strap with 10mm Foam internal padding
  • Lengthened Zipper – Flip Lid construction for easy packing
  • Added internal compression straps
  • External compression straps
  • Added drag plate with high-density NYLON skid plates
  • Front padded drag handle
  • 2 x 5mm Board separation sheet
  • Internal Modular Packing System loops (x 5)
  • Metal reinforced shoulder strap clip
  • Abrasion free top-zip location at the tail for zipper longevity
  • Removeable dividers