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Orbs Poltergeists 102A 55mm Rollen

Welcome Orbs Poltergeists 102A 55mm Rollen

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Farbe: purple pink
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  • Artikelnr.: 507894
  • Rollen Ø: 55 mm
  • Härtegrad der Rollen: 102A
    i.d.R. von 75A (weich - leise, griffig) bis 101A (hart - schnell, technisch)


Markenprofil Welcome

The slightly different skateboards company. Welcome was started as a creative outlet for a group of friends. Instead of focusing on cool graphics they focus on the quality, shape, and feel of their boards. Instead of building a team, they built a family that makes you want to grab your board and head out on an adventure whenever you see them skate.

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