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Voodoo Maji 78A 70x51mm Wheels

Mindless Longboards Voodoo Maji 78A 70x51mm Wheels

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Mindless Voodoo Premium presents the Maji wheels! Pre-ground running edge combined with outer to inner rounded lips let this freeride wheel slide consistently straight out the box. Designed specifically for freeriding and fast slides the slight offset core gives great breakout and hookup feel through the urethane, whilst still maintaining plenty of speed.
Mojo Urethane
The all new Mindless premium wheels feature our very own special Mojo formula urethane. It has been extensively tested by our riders across the world, but also some of the UK scene’s best test riders!
We firmly believe these wheels will give you the confidence to ride with style and give YOUR Mojo some serious Mindless Voodoo magic!

  • 70 x 51mm with 42mm pre ground running edge
  • Green: 78A- Smooth and slidey
  • Purple: 81A- Faster longer slides


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  • Rollen Ø: 70 mm
  • Härtegrad der Rollen: 78A
    i.d.R. von 75A (weich - leise, griffig) bis 101A (hart - schnell, technisch)