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YOW 4mm Truck

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Størrelsesguide for YOW - Longboard Trucks

If you just can not get enough of surfing you need to start surfing the streets.

The YOW Surfskate truck is clearly the system that gives the biggest range of different feelings. First of all base plate of the truck offers two different wheelbase that provides two surfing feelings.0
The short wheelbase will give you a new generation surfing feeling, perfect to technify surfing. The long wheelbase will give allow old school surfing maneuvers which consist in, wide and soft turns, by the way it allows more stability al high speed.

Obviously these different feelings will depend on the board wheelbase.
The kingpin angle and the internal mechanism make that the YOW surf skate truck is the truck that offers the most similar to surfing turns and feelings as surfing.
As if this was not enough, you will find a locking screw in your system box, by using it you can turn your surf skate into a normal cruiser, this way you can push hard when you need it.

ATTENTION! Skate trucks are sold separately. For a pair of trucks please choose two.


  • Artikelnr.: 493682
  • Truck højde: Medium
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • YOW 4 mm for 30 kg rider
  • YOW base upper & lower.
  • YOW Riserpad.
  • Bolts & nuts

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