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Rome Targa 2018

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Kundeservice: +43 3687 2422 333
Størrelsesguide for Rome - Mænd Softbindinger

Loud, Fast, Steep and Deep - the Targa snowboard binding by Rome

A favourite with team riders, resort employees and big mountain slayers across the globe, the Targa provides controlled response for back bowls, jump lines and craggy peaks. The PowerChord highback is Stale's choice for the power transmission he needs for popping off lips and stomping deep landings. Customization is taken to another level with the flex-adjustable UltraAdjust ankle strap and PivotMount Technology for dialling in your personalised ankle strap performance.

The Power Chord Highback design delivers the performance and direct response that riders like Stale Sandbech want in a highback. Tool free highback forward lean adjuster offers quick and easy control over your forward lean. Rome provides 0 degrees to 24 degrees on all models. Cant-In-The-Back II is another Rome-exclusive technology. The unique highback canting allows riders to adjust the side-to-side angle of their highbacks to match the spine of the highback with the angle of their lower leg. For narrow stances, run 0 or 3 degrees of canting. For wider stances, go up to 6 degrees to keep your highbacks in line with your lower legs.

The V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate has the industry’s lowest percentage of baseplate contact. The V-Rod baseplate minimises the contact between your binding and your board while controlling for “correct” flex. The baseplates “rocker” on opposing corners with a “rod” of support from toe to heel: this is to give the freestyle flex that snowboarding demands, while also delivering power edge to edge. The narrow footprint also maximises the board’s natural flex pattern. Forged in three levels of lightness for different models, the UnderWrap heel hoop drives the performance of your bindings. With added leverage, energy is transmitted directly into the edges of the board, while at the same time, the binding is free to flow from side to side. The Yes, I Cant Technology was created to adjust the canting for the InBase padding system under your foot. Increased canting underfoot gives you more power over the tip and tail of your board and also puts less pressure on the knee for greater comfort, particularly for wider stances.

The PivotMount Strap Technology system delivers 5 symmetrical positions and 20 additional positions for unmatched control over strap placement and strap support. Run ‘em high for support, low for added freedom, or in the middle for a traditional response. Or run the asymmetrically for varied side-to-side support levels. Simply loosen, rotate, and tighten. The UltraAdjust Ankle Strap is a 2-part approach to ankle strap design that gives riders tool-free adjustment to three different flex profiles. The ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap is a design that maximises the flexible, toe-grabbing surface for pressure-free fit and control. The AutoStrap Technology basically is an elastic band that allows the ankle strap to flex away from the baseplate when you open the strap, to let your foot step in more easily and faster.


  • Artikelnr.: 482270
  • kørestil:
    • Freestyle
    • Freeride
    • All Mountain
  • Riding Level:
    • Øvet
    • Expert
  • Stivhed: 9
  • Prorider: Ståle Sandbech, Bjorn Leines
  • Entrymode: Stropper
  • Disc: 4x4, channel
  • BASEPLATE: V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate
  • UnderWrap.4 heel hoop
  • HIGHBACK Power Chord Highback
  • Tool free highback forward lean adjuster
  • Cant-In-The-Back II
  • STRAPS: UltraAdjust Ankle Strap, ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
  • PivotMount Strap Technology
  • AutoStrap Technology
  • QuickAdjust for Strap Length
  • Yes, I Cant Technology
  • Compatible with all Major Mounting Systems

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Rome SDS lives and breathes snowboarding and has done so since day one. Seeking to reestablish the true roots of snowboarding, Rome kicked off production is 2001. Their goal was to create a brand that "lives the values of snowboarding and innovates products that increase the one thing that matters most in snowboarding: fun." They have overshot their goal by miles, and as true snowboarders at heart, we are stoked to have them as a part of our team.