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Lib Tech X Lost Quiver Killer 6'0

DKK 5.678,73
inkl. Moms ekskl. forsendelse
Farve: uni
Leveringstid 15 til 19 hverdage
Kundeservice: +43 3687 2422 333
Størrelsesguide for Lib Tech - Surfboards

One for all and all for one!

One of our most versatile and best selling models of all time. The Quiver Killer is exactly that… a perfect one board quiver. A simple plan shape, minimalistic continuous curves and a forgiving rounded thumb tail. Enough volume and surface area to create speed and be free and easy in anything but the smallest “true grovel” surf. Rounded tail, smaller nose area and performance tuned rocker line keeps too much rail from being wetted at once in small surf and allows precision, control and ease of pocket power surfing in solid waves. The Quiver Killer… a shot straight through the heart. LOST logos come in different colorways based on size.

ECO IMPACTO - Thermo Pressure Fusion Process
Technologically tougher – environmentally nicer: Lib Tech has changed everything you know about surfboards. Each of the 31 pieces used to construct these surfboards are new materials to the surf industry. The new Lib Tech MBC Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction perfectly blends the best characteristics of epoxy and polyester: durability, liveliness, flex and dampness. Adding magnesium fibre improves the overall impact resistance, and the Carbon Power Spine Stringer exactly matches the flex of a new high-performance polyester and holds it for the life of the board. With Bio-Matrix Resin used this board has a longer lifespan than epoxy. The Nitrogenecell Foam built in elliptical engineered cells act like a column providing stiffness from top to bottom and elasticity in side impact. It contains 25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts recycled. The Hexzylon Fibre Foam Skin is the work engine that also dramatically enhances ding resistance and break strength while also functioning as a smooth riding vibration absorption layer. The Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fibres are rubberised metallic fibres on the rails to give the boards a silky smooth ride, flex control, pop and precision even in choppy conditions.

FOC II “Freedom of Choice" adjustable slot fin system 
The lightest, most robust box on the market offers two Tab compatibility with 1/2” fin adjustability for precise tuning of your board's surf characteristics. FCS II compatible.


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  • Alsidig til forskellige bølger
  • Til lange og kraftfulde sving
  • Justerbar med 5 fin slots
  • Artikelnr.: 591588
  • Riding Level:
    • Expert
    • Øvet
  • Længde: 6'0 ft
    1 ft = 30,48 cm
  • Board bredde: 20.5 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Tykkelse: 2.6 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Volumen: 34.5 liter
  • Fin box system: Universal
  • For:
    • Mænd
    • Kvinder
    • Drenge
    • Piger
  • Øko:
    • Genbrug
    • Bæredygtig
  • Nitrogenecell foam
  • Hexzylon Fiber foam skin 
  • Magnesium fiber
  • Woven Basalt Fiber
  • Carbon Power Spine composite Stringer
  • Bio-Matrix Resin 
  • FOC Adjustable Slot Fin System
  • Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fibre
  • Sprock Blocks
  • Leash Plug 6061
  • T6 Aircraft aluminum pins
  • Lightweight fiber composite cup

Butik tilgængelighed

Om Lib Tech

For some 30+ years, Lib Tech has been pushing the limits of innovation in the surf and snow sports industry. With their production still based in the US, they set out to do something different. With new shapes and technologies each year, Lib Tech want riders to have a grin on their face when using their products. A company that never stops changing is something we hugely admire, and doing so whilst keeping an eye on the environment will give you a big thumbs up from us any day of the week.