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Silberpfeil Vantage 162

F2 Silberpfeil Vantage 162

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Kundeservice: +43 3687 2422 333
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Wide Extreme Carver - Silberpfeil Vantage

Equipped with F2's signature wooddeck technology, the Silberpfeil’s wide version called Vantage surprises with stunning edge hold, lively flex and agile handling for a complete package that will cut smoothly through every turn. The perfect choice for riders who like to ride flat angles and enjoy G forces on hardpack and beyond.

Riding Style
The Vantage is perfect for tight turns at very steep angles. A board just made for the pure joy of carving.

The small sidecut radius makes it easier to reach very steep angles in every turn. The Vantage is also a little wider than the normal Silberpfeil, which allows you to mount the bindings at a flat angle for a more comfortable stance.

Evolving of a longtime development, the Vario Camber features self-adjusting transition into nose and tail. It provides the board with a lively handling at low speeds and packs in the full grip in hard carving turns.

With a flex of 7, the Silberpfeil Vantage is a little softer than other F2 race boards, which makes it easier to handle.

The realization of technological innovations and constant manufacturing quality can only be achieved by craftsmanship on highest level without compromise: therefore, F2 stands for HAND MADE IN EUROPE! 
The new sealing Wooddeck Technology enables F2 to use ash and maple wood as the top layer for all the reasons why it is the best core material to date: light, perfect reaction dampening ratio with the best ecological factor. The applied G60 Douglascore is a very powerful core of selected douglas spruce and beech segments for ultimate stability and acceleration. The X45 Triaxial Glassfiber construction is a torsion oriented glass fiber weave with UD carbon fibers, specifically designed for race and carving boards, providing razor grip and stability. The F8000 Nanobase is a sintered base with nanoparticles, that improve the inclusion of the wax and increase the durability against scratches. Superfast. A result of team expertise and constant testing: the smooth stone finish with diamond structure enables highest speeds in various snow conditions. At the Razor Tuning, all F2 boards leave the production plant equipped with a 1° ravine cut and a 0.5° beveled edge, providing razor - grip on hardpack and precise turning in all riding conditions. Hotwaxed and ready to go!

Subject to alterations according to the manufacturer. Image is non-binding.


  • Perfekt til freeriding og carving
  • En blanding af stabilitet adræthed og svæv
  • Artikelnr.: 492126
  • kørestil: All Mountain
  • Riding Level:
    • Øvet
    • Expert
  • Stivhed: 7
  • For:
    • Mænd
    • Kvinder
  • Base: Sintret
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Længde (cm): 162 cm
  • Sidecut radius: 9.5 m
    Jo mindre radius, jo bedre evne til at svinge. En større radius giver en mere glat kørsel ved høj fart.
  • Midterbredde: 21.2 cm
  • European Ash Wooddeck
  • G60 Douglascore
  • X45 Construction
  • Vario Camber
  • F 8000 Nanobase
  • Stone Diamond Finish
  • Razor Tuning

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Om F2

The leading name in alpine snowboarding. F2 crafts all of its snowboards in Germany and they are all ready to rip. If you're all about deep carves and blistering speed, the F2 is for you.