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What is a Surfskate?

A surfskate, or surf skate cruiser, is a skateboard for surfing the streets. It looks alot like a regular cruiser or longboard but has a system that raises the front truck to make it more mobile and manoeuvrable. This allows you to move as if you were on a surfboard and to manoeuvre like on a breaking wave.

  • YOW J-Bay 33" Surfskate

    YOW J-Bay 33" Surfskate

    $ 351,54
  • YOW Aritz Aranburu 32.5" Surfskate

    YOW Aritz Aranburu 32.5" Surfskate

    $ 369,72
  • YOW Pipe 32" Surfskate

    YOW Pipe 32" Surfskate

    $ 351,54
  • YOW Huntingdon Beach 30" Surfskate

    YOW Huntingdon Beach 30" Surfskate

    $ 351,54
  • Globe Sun City 30" Complete

    Globe Sun City 30" Complete

    $ 230,30
  • Z-Flex Surf-a-Gogo 31.0" Surfskate

    Z-Flex Surf-a-Gogo 31.0" Surfskate

    $ 339,41
  • Globe Stubby 30" Complete

    Globe Stubby 30" Complete

    $ 230,30
  • YOW Teahupoo 34" Surfskate

    YOW Teahupoo 34" Surfskate

    $ 351,54
  • Globe Chromantic 33" Skateboard

    Globe Chromantic 33" Skateboard

    $ 230,30

How do they work?

The added part under the front truck moves laterally and rotates around a spring-loaded axle. When you lean to one side, the spring relaxes and tightens again to reach its initial position. This gives the effect of rebounding you into the next turn, just like surfing but on asphalt.

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How to choose my setup: what to look out for with a surfskate?

The board:

To ride smoothly and quickly, a longer board (34'' to 40'') will be more stable: just like surfing a longboard.

For even more radical turns, you'll need a shorter board (28'' to 33''): just like surfing a shorter surfboard.

Trucks and wheels:

It is always better to have high and wide trucks (longboard/cruiser trucks) for better traction and soft wheels (78A to 83A) to ride on any kind of ground, even less than perfect roads.

Surfskate carving trucks:

All of our surfskates have trucks on the board like as Yow on their boards, Revenge on Globe boards, Carver on their boards and Z-Flex boards with Waterborne trucks. They’re all slightly different but ultimately have a similar feeling.

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