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Anna Gasser

Anna Gasser - more than just the Double Cork

In the snowboarding scene Blue Tomato Team Rider Anna Gasser is already a big name – and she doesn’t only prove herself on the snowboard but also catches our hearts with her super amiable character.

Even though the power woman from Carinthia fell in love with snowboarding only when she was 18, she has already won several big contests and is always a strong contender to reckon with in all high-class snowboarding events.

Whether the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, the Snowboarding Grand Prix in Mammoth, the Burton US Open in Vail or the Snowboard World Championship 2015 in her home region Kreischberg – Anna shows her amazing freestyle skills over and over again! How about a little taste? In 2013, Anna was the first women ever to land the cab double cork 900 and at the Big Air World Championship 2017 she landed a backside double cork 1080, which had never been landed by a women in a competition before.

Winner of the hearts

Anna’s success story began in 2011 at the Blue Tomato Plan P in Schladming where she secured her first contest victory ever. In the same year, Anna joined the Blue Tomato Team. A few seasons after her first victory Anna’s success story went on in Schladming: at the O’Neill Pleasure Jam 2014 she first triumphed on an international stage. Anna became winner of the hearts with her legendary Olympia-blooper in Sotchi. After a misunderstanding with the start line judge, Anna started early and literally rolled out of the starting house. With the help of her coach she finally managed to clamber up the starting hill but by then her concentration was gone and so was the hope for an Olympic medal after coming in first through qualification. A very quaint scene that made Anna internationally known. After all, in the following season Anna became famous across scene boundaries with her sporting success: at the World Championships Kreischberg 2015 not even an injured wrist could stop her from taking home the silver medal. Only a few months later she stood on the very top of the podium at her first elite-event: At the Dew Tour Breckenridge she left all her competitors behind.

'Say cheese!' - Anna just can't stop smiling
'Say cheese!' - Anna just can't stop smiling / photo: © Christian Pondella

A little time-out never hurt anyone

In the seasons 14/15 and 15/16 Anna has been thwarted again and again by different injuries, which prevented her from performing at the most and especially at the biggest contests in those seasons. Therefore she put all the gathered energy into the next season and not for nothing. 2016/2017 was an exciting season for Anna:

  • 4 Big Air World Cup wins
  • 1 Slopestyle World Cup win
  • 2nd place at Laax Open
  • Slopestyle Gold X Games Hafjell
  • Big Air Silver X Games Aspen
  • Big Air Bronze X Games Hafjell
  • World Champion Big Air with world’s first female BS Double Cork 1080 in competition
  • Overall Freestyle World Cup winner
  • Overall Big Air World Cup winner

It has been a long time since any female rider was as dominant as Anna has been this season. There couldn’t have been a better preparation for the Olympic season 2017/18.

A day with Anna Gasser

As not everybody is so lucky to see her live, we followed her on this season’s Pleasure Jam for a whole day with a camera – see how a contest day looks like for Anna and whether she could defend her title of the Pleasure Jam Queen 2014.

Air + Style 2017

Anna Gasser and her Blue Tomato teammates Clemens Millauer and Clemens Schattschneider competed in Europe’s most iconic snowboard big air contest, the Air + Style 2017. It was Anna’s first competition in her “second home” Innsbruck because it was the first Air + Style to include a women’s Big Air competition. Why Anna couldn’t put Air + Style on her list of podiums and what our team riders have been up to behind the scenes can be seen here:

Anna Gasser at the Blue Tomato Team Gatherings

Year after year our Snowboard Team comes together at our home spot, the Dachstein glacier, to spend a superb shred weekend and it’s always great to have Anna with us. Everybody that knows our team riders just a little knows that of course this weekend was a loaded with fun. Anna kept herself busy jibbing through the Superpark Dachstein – Snowboard Team Gathering.

Team rider Anna Gasser with a nosepress during our snowboard team gatherings
Team rider Anna Gasser with a nosepress during our snowboard team gatherings / photo: © Patrick Steiner

Girlspower - Views from the 7th

Not only once Anna gave us prove that she’s not afraid of big kickers and heights. For exactly this reason her snowboarding colleague and good friend Spencer O’Brien invited her to Whistler with a hand-picked crew of the best female snowboarders worldwide. They’ve been shredding a kicker with almost 25m flight length for a whole week. The ladies definitely killed it! Convince yourself and watch the edit in our Blue World.

Anna Gasser high up in the air whith a stunning sunset in front of her
Anna Gasser is enjoying the sunset in her own way / photo: © Erin Hogue Photography

Austria’s most beautiful athlete shows a whole new side

After Anna Gasser got awarded the most beautiful athlete of Austria last year she now shows that she definitely deserved it. For the Red Bulletin Anna elegantly wrapped herself in something more sexy in a romantic mountain chalet – and the outcome is definitely worth a look! You can find her hot interview and the even hotter pics in our Blue World.

Anna loves Burton

Anna completely counts on Burton when it comes to snowwear and gear. Pay attention now if you want to follow her style: Be on top with the sophisticated Burton Mossy Maze jacket in bitters/canvas. If you want to discover your snowboarding talent or want to push yourself further you better shred with the new Burton Talent Scout with matching Lexa bindings and the super comfy Felix Boots. The best combination for all freestyle girls.

Love for Anna

With a little bit of love the world is more okay right away. There’s no easier way than with the Love Miaou Anna Gasser Zip Hoodie. This Zip Hoodie definitely lets you be one step ahead of everyone in terms of style. Well, who doesn’t love cats? And fun fact: The cats printed on the hood’s inside actually are Anna’s cats!

Anna Gasser's favourite Products: