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Making of summer catalogue 2017

Making of: Gallery

on it's best
Not only our models were put in scene and showed theirselfes at their best, but also our samples.
back and forth
Back and forth. Our models ran also a second or third time, just for the perfect shot.
so many clothes
So many samples left to shoot! Who should all wear this?
total commitment
Total commitment is also in demand of our photographers!
a little snack
The right snack is super important on such long shooting days.
Who, what, how? This, that, now! Which outfit-combination fits which model best?
chasing the models
Where ar the...? Oh look! Better be quick to shoot our models.
snuggle time
A little bit of snuggeling, a little bit of chilling. Everyone spends her/his shooting-break different.
delicious icecream
When the gelatiere is just as delicious as the icecream. Yummi!
good friends
New acquaintances and old friends. The shooting in Bilbao was hard work, but everyone had real fun!