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Lisa Veith Surfing

How to pack your board bag: Lisa Veith shows you her tricks

Do you know our team rider Lisa? No? Well, it’s time to get you two together then! There is no way you will not love this sympathetic and powerful woman. She is a real charger who shares the passion for board sports like all of us here at Blue Tomato.

Lisa has already seen a few exotic spots in her surfing career so far, but in 2015 she had a “surf first” and went on a boat trip to the Maldives – which means crystal clear water, perfect waves and, of course, stunning photos for us to get jealous.

Pic by Mirko Schadegg/ - Lisa on the Sama Sama Boattrip in Indonesia

Since a huge surf trip needs to be prepared properly and travelling with your surfboard is not as easy as it should be we put together the ultimate packing checklist for you and even a rad how-to video – of course all powered by "Dr. Lisa" herself! Have fun!

10 things you definitely need for a surf trip!

Surftrip packing list
Things you should definitely take with you!

1. Board bag and plastic bubble wrap to secure your surfboard

2. Surfboard Leash Fins / Wax

3. Bikini (superkini or surf bikini!) or functional boardshorts (with loads of stretch)

4. Lycra (for UV protection – old, worn-out lycras do not work anymore!!!)

5. Few clothes (when you are not in the water you will only need boardshorts, t-shirt and sandals anyway)

6. Towel (dark ones do a great job hiding stains ;-))

7. Cap or hat (beanie for windy nights and wet hair)

8. Shades (good quality and no scratches if you love your eyes)

9. Sun blocker with a minimum of SPF30 and VERY WATER RESISTANT!

10. Paddle power!! The earlier you start your workout, the more you can surf during your trip!

10 things you definitely need but are easy to forget

Surftrip packing list
Things you shouldn't forget!

1. Paddle power

2. Super glue (definitely handy for the small fixes on your surfboard)

3. Fiber-reinforced tape (duct tape can save your life!)

4. Spare fins and a spare leash

5. Nail clipper

6. Reef booties (you will miss them at the latest when you forgot the oncoming low tide on a reef surf)

7. Surfboard repair set (especially when far away from surf shops or on a boat trip)

8. First aid kit (the further away you are from the next hospital the more you should take care that it contains everything!)

9. Hair brush, a lot of hair bands, hair oil (if you have long hair and do not fancy dread locks, this is essential)

10. Epilator or shaver

10 things you definitely do not need even though you would love to take them with you

Surfholiday packing list
Things you won't need on your trip!

1. Skateboard (any other time I would take it with me – you never know… but on a boat or long distance travel definitely useless!)

2. Study material and academic literature

3. The “little black dress” for special nights (you never need it)

4. Second pair of long pants (probably not even needed for the day of departure)

5. Third pair of socks

6. Third jumper (better to take a shirt instead!)

7. Make-up (nothing will last anyways except waterproof mascara!)

8. Jewelry (everything that is not sitting tight will be lost at some point)

9. Hair dryer (way too warm to blow dry your hair, saltwater and wind are the best stylists anyway :-))

10. Laptop (yes, you can manage a few weeks without it)

Ready - set - go!

The surftrip is planned already and it is right around the corner but last season’s wetsuit is not the same as it once was? Don’t worry, we put together the hottest surftrends for all you surfergirls out there. With the new springsuits and surfbikinis you will definitely be the best-dressed on thewaves. If you’re not sure which wtsuit is the right one for you, check out our Wetsuit Buyers Guide for more information. Now you are ready and absolutely nothing stands in the way of your surftrip!