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Superpark Planai

You are looking for a snowpark that’s rich in variety and shredable for every level? Then you should give the Superpark Planai a try for sure. This park won’t get boring thanks to creative lines and awesome kickers shaped with love by park designer Pavel Stratil and his crew. A playground that’s SUPER in every way and allows great shred sessions, no matter if you’re on skis or the board.

Hart to believe but the Superpark Planai is already 10 years old! The Snowpark in Weitmoos has tons to catch up on. Details here.


You can find the Superpark Planai at the upper Weitmoos area. Easy to come with Märchenwiesenbahn and Weitmoos slope Nr.8.

© Roland Haschka
© Roland Haschka

Set-Up 2016/17


  • Dancefloor Butter Box 3m
  • Rainbow Butter Box 6m
  • Elephant Butter Box 6m
  • Flat Butter Box 6m
  • 2x Kicker Jump 3m
  • 2x Kicker Jump 4m
  • Up/Down Box 6m


© Roland Haschka
© Roland Haschka


  • Elephant Box 6m
  • Up/Down Box 6m
  • Rainbow Box 6m
  • Mushroom Jib 2m
  • Picknicker Jib 9m
  • Tank Jib 4m
  • 2x Tank Jib 6m
  • Flat/Down Box 7m
  • Up/Down Box 6m
  • Kicker Jump 5m
  • Kicker Jump 6m
  • Funbox Jump 6m
  • Kicker Jump 7m
  • Kicker Jump 8m
  • Kicker Jump 9m
  • Kicker Jump 10m
  • Funbox Jump 7m


© Roland Haschka
© Roland Haschka


  • Up (Cannon) Tube 3m
  • Curved Box 9m
  • Flat/Down/Flat Rail 12m
  • Down Rail 11m
  • Wallride Jib 6m
  • Flat Rail 8m
  • Elbow Rail 9m
  • 2x Flat Tube 7m
  • Down/Flat Tube 6m
  • Stairset 8m
  • Down/Flat Rail 6m
  • Jersey Barrier Jib 9m
  • Wallride Bank Jib 3m
  • Down/Flat/Down Tube 12m
  • A-Frame Trannyfinder 7m
  • Rainbow Bridge 7m
  • Rainbow Tube 7m
  • Down/Flat/Down Rail 13m
  • Down Rail 8m
  • Flat Rail 12m
  • Kicker Jump 12m
  • Kicker Jump13m
  • Kicker Jump 14m
  • Kicker Jump 15m
  • Corner Jump 7m


© Roland Haschka
© Roland Haschka

Events 2017/18


    Film all your runs with SpotOn-App. Just download and because of GPS tracking 13 cameras will film your line though the park.

© Christian Riefenberg
© Christian Riefenberg


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