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Victor de le Rue in “Comfort Zone”

From Japan to Norway and all the way to Austria. While filming for their new shred documentary “Comfort Zone” the Almo Film Crew collected a fair amount of air miles. Next to his Blue Tomato team rider colleague Mathieu Crepel and many other high class snowboarders, Victor de le Rue scored some banger tricks and showcased his skills.

The guys made the name of the documentary their theme – or actually the opposite of it. “Comfort Zone” is all about breaking out of your normal routine, pushing yourself to the limit and trying new tricks. And they don’t leave us hanging, the result is simply epic! The crew put up some tricks that will blow your mind and make your jaws drop. Whether slick lines which end directly at the ocean or unusual locations which make you want to travel the world – this movie has it all!

Victor de le Rue is one of the top snowboarders in the world right now! Last year he was filming not just one, but two movie parts at the same time! He nailed it in the Transworld’s “Origins” and with this documentary, he showed once more his full range of skill. Lay back, relax and take a good look at Victor’s part in “Comfort Zone”! Buckle up though, since you can expect massive airtime, one-footers and a whole lot of other crazy stuff!

That’s not enough and you want more? Check out the whole movie now!

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