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Road Trippin' Fuerteventura

The Blue Tomato Team in the OTRO MODO Surfcamp in Fuerteventura.
„Road trippin' with my two favorite allies; Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies; It's time to leave this town; It's time to steal away; Let's go get lost ...“ (Red Hot Chili Peppers - Road Trippin)

On a roadtrip, the journey is the reward, so we are heading down the road, the sun on our backs, nothing but the horizon in front of us with the endless blue and perfect waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The crewThe crew: The crew: Motivated surfers and globetrotters from Blue Tomato. Lisa Veith, Vanessa Waldenhofer, Armin Walcher, Hans Kainz, Christoph Koller, Jürgen Kranabitl and Ralph Weissnegger are visiting the OTRO MODO Surfcamp in Fuerteventura.

The journeyThe journey: In our case the dusty grit runways of Fuerteventura that lead to perfect blue waves.

The rewardThe reward: Of course surfing, but mainly the feeling of being on the road, being aware of every moment, planing nothing, meeting new people, discovering surf spots, little stories and experiences on the way that can take a different turn every day.

The feeling of not knowing where the road ends and get lost in the here-and-now.
In short: Freedom!

Fotocredits: Armin Walcher, Christoph Leib, Thomas Dietze, Otro Modo

Lisa Veith

Blue Tomato Teamrider Lisa Veith

As it’s been the first time I went to Fuerteventura, I was pretty curious!
The guides of Otro Modo Camp directed us to some really nice spots in the south of the island. They were less crowded than the north.

The waves could have been higher, but no need to worry: 4WD Dirt Road to the surf spot, BBQs at the beach, some tacky sunsets, dry and warm climate in the mid of January and the best-looking cocktails I’ve ever had, nice apartments with sea view, including breakfast on the balcony and a good vine at the dinner, even a small skatepark with some slightly damaged mini ramps!
hasta luego, muchachos!! I will definitely come back ;-)

Armin Walcher

Blue Tomato Photographer & Teamrider Armin Walcher

It was my first trip to Fuerteventura and it was a great time, with some really nice people and a lot of fun. I enjoyed Fuerteventura a lot, the whole landscape, the conditions, the ocean and everything that was going on there. Altogether, it is a nice place to be.

Usually i do windsurfing, so for me it was such a pleasure not to carry my whole 100 kilogram equipment with me to the beach :).
I will definitely stay tuned...
Once again, thanks for the awesome trip with you guys, it was a al lot of fun.

Cheers, Armin - |

Hansi Kainz

Blue Tomato Teamrider Hansi Kainz

I am quite excited about our surftrip to Fuerteventura. Particularly I’ve been surprised by the good weather that we had in January - in addition to the constant waves and to some extent really uncrowded surfspots. The barren scenery was also quite impressive as it almost looks like a desert and transmits a unique calmness. All in all, we had a perfect trip, especially also because of the good vibe within the group of Blue Tomato employees, team riders and photographers.

I would definitely come again!
A small tipp aside: Arena cocktail bar in Morro Jable :)

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