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Gautier Gallas´ summer 2013

A recap from the summer 2013 by our team rider Gautier Gallas:

I arrived at Les 2 Alpes thinking that I was going to have a wonderful summer (and I was right…). The first day, I went as a tourist, to look around the resort and its snowparks etc.

Gautier Gallas summer 2013

Gautier, enjoying his summer

I was very happy to meet with the shapers again and the ski patrol team, who gave me a warm welcome as always. The second day, I started doing the tricks I already mastered last winter, but this time on bigger kickers. I usually arrived around 8.30 in the morning (I like being there early before the big rush). Thanks to the snow conditions, I was able to ride down to 2600m for a while and enjoy myself. In the afternoon, I took a nap before starting other activities such as archery, jogging, swimming, hiking, fishing (no luck though) and a bit of trampoline.

I knew I was going to be all alone during training but it didn’t matter. I was happy. If needed, Romain Bonnivard, my winter coach, was there over the phone to give me some advice. As summer went by, I met lots of people, Italians, Spanish, English, Swiss, Dutch, Croatians and French shapers, all of them gave me lots of advice and made me laugh!

Gautier Gallas summer 2013

Gautier and his riding buddies

I also improved my English, Spanish and learnt a few words in Dutch when I met a Swiss-Dutch team who welcomed me on their training camp. I hope to see them again. My friends from Les arcs, from the Spanish Basque crew, the Freerules, came to visit me for a few days.

I went sledging, and I tried skating again with Torrès, a Spanish guy, but I didn’t like it that much. I also went to cinema, yard sale (I went book hunting), I even learnt how to write with a quill during Hay Day Festival.

Gautier Gallas summer 2013

Gautier, in l2a

Mid-July, I was able to ride powder at the glacier, thanks to the snow fall during the night. 10cm! Beautiful weather in the morning! (that was going to happen again mid-August, wohoo!).

I also discovered a new type of practice, Halfpipe, that I liked very much. Only the shapers were able to get me out of it at the end of the day. I had so much fun, learnt new tricks, on the rails and jumps.

My last days reminded me of winter, when a new layer of snow dropped down on the glacier, the air was chilly and temperatures went below 0. I wore boardshorts to the Glacier for the last day, but I didn´t stay that long!, I don’t want to be sick just before the start of the school year.

Gautier Gallas summer 2013

Gautier making tricks

Now it is the start of the new school year, I have to think about studies. Bring on the winter, with lots of fresh snow I hope and deep powder!



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