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Rome The D.O.D.

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An advanced suspension system for finely tuned feel and response.

The D.O.D, AKA the Do Or Die binding from Rome, is a binding for must-make situations: sketchy roof gaps, exposed rock faces, pow-filled chutes, and last tries at the spot before the cops show up. A freestyle-friendly flex lets you lock into rails and spin of your toes, yet it is supportive enough to land whatever happens and slash pow. Armed with new tech, the next generation in park and all-mountain freestyle is here.

The new AntiShock 2.0 Highback features a two-part construction where the upper portion meets the lower portion at an elastomeric bushing. The result is a flex that dampens and absorbs chatter but locks out very quickly for a full spine of heelside power. A Tool-Free highback forward lean adjuster offers quick and easy control over your forward lean. Additionally, highback rotation lets you adjust the highback position to match your stance angle to your personal style. Full range from 0 to 24 degrees.

The V-Rod Baseplate has the industry’s lowest percentage of baseplate contact. The V-Rod baseplate minimizes the contact between your binding and your board while controlling for “correct” flex. The baseplates “rocker” on opposing corners with a “rod” of support from toe to heel: this is to give the freestyle flex that snowboarding demands, while also delivering power edge to edge. The narrow footprint also maximizes the board’s natural flex pattern. Forged in three levels of lightness for different models, the UnderWrap.2 heel hoop drives the performance of your bindings. With added leverage, energy is transmitted directly into the edges of the board, while at the same time, the binding is free to flow from side to side. The Yes, I Cant Technology was created to adjust the canting for the InBase padding system under your foot. Increased canting underfoot gives you more power over the tip and tail of your board and also puts less pressure on the knee for greater comfort, particularly for wider stances. The EVA SubBase V-Pad under the baseplate decreases vibration and improves cushioning for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Cushioning materials extend into the raised corners of the V-Rod design to provide more flexibility in the corners where you want movement.

The ContourLight Ankle Strap is a Rome-exclusive two-part construction that allows riders to customize their ankle strap support by changing the tension. The pre-tensioned EVA pad allows for full-foot stability at low tensions, for riders who want less support. The tighter you make it, the more the two-part interface increases strap stiffness. The ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap is a new design that maximizes the flexible, toe-grabbing surface for pressure-free fit and control. The AutoStrap Technology basically is an elastic band that allows the ankle strap to flex away from the baseplate when you open the strap, to let your foot step in more easily and faster.


  • Produkt č.: 429893
  • styl jízdy:
    • Jib
    • Freestyle
    • All Mountain
  • Úroveň ježdění:
    • Začátečník
    • Expert
    • Pokročilý
  • Tvrdost: 6
  • Druh upínání: Přezky
  • BASEPLATE: V-Rod Baseplate
  • UnderWrap.2 heel hoop
  • HIGHBACK NEW AntiShock 2.0 Highback
  • Tool free highback forward lean adjuster
  • Full Highback Rotation
  • STRAPS: ContourLight Ankle Strap, NEW ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
  • QuickAdjust for Strap Length 
  • AutoStrap Technology
  • Multiple Strap Positions
  • Yes, I Cant Technology
  • Compatible with all Major Mounting Systems

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Rome SDS lives and breathes snowboarding and has done so since day one. Seeking to reestablish the true roots of snowboarding, Rome kicked off production is 2001. Their goal was to create a brand that "lives the values of snowboarding and innovates products that increase the one thing that matters most in snowboarding: fun." They have overshot their goal by miles, and as true snowboarders at heart, we are stoked to have them as a part of our team.