Crak'n 4'1 Wakesurf

Lib Tech Crak'n 4'1 Wakesurf

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Lib Tech Crak'n 4.7 - ultimate surf feeling with big airs

The Lib Tech Crak'n 4.7 wake and river surfboard is designed for two goals - to imitate the feeling of surfing in the ocean and for big airs! In order to achieve this, the surfable area in the wave must be extended. This will result from narrower board dimensions, straight rails and a larger volume in the nose. This makes the board, which also has to be ridden at shorter lengths, smooth and efficient at higher speeds. Additionally, it comes with a bigger rocker in nose and tail for more agility. The slightly wider tail with corners that remind of a skimboard, is great for big airs, speed and spin control.

ECO IMPACTO - thermo pressure fusion process
Technologically more sophisticated - better for the environment: Lib Tech has changed everything you have known about surfboards until now. Each of the 31 building blocks used in the construction of these surfboards is new to the surf industry. The new Lib Tech MBC Magnesium Basalt Carbon construction optimally combines the best characteristics of epoxy and polyester: durability, liveliness, flexibility and damping. The addition of magnesium fibre improves the overall impact resistance, and the Carbon Power Spine Stringer completely matches the flex of a new high-performance polyester board and lasts for the full life cycle of the board.
Thanks to the bio-matrix resin used, this board has a longer lifespan than boards made of epoxy resin.
Built into elliptically shaped cells, the Nitrogenecell foam acts like a column, providing hardness from top to bottom and elasticity during a lateral collision. It contains 25-40 % of recycled content, 100 % of the leftover pieces are recycled. The Hexzylon fibre foam cover is the working engine, which drastically increases the ding safety and breaking strength, while serving as a smooth vibration damping layer at the same time. The Elasto Perimeter damping fibres are rubberized metal fibres on the sides, providing a silky smooth ride, flex control, pop and precision even in rough conditions.

FOC II "Freedom of Choice" Adjustable Slot Fin System
With the Foc II Adjustable Slot Fin System you either have the possibility to mount FCS II fins or to position FCS fins, which are optimally adapted to your needs. And - last but not least - the leash plug with Aircraft Aluminium Pin and a cup made of lightweight fibres keeps your leash firmly attached to the board.

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  • Vlastnosti
    Contains sustainable materials, such as organic or recycled materials
  • Vlastnosti
    Manufactured in a more eco-friendly way
  • Vlastnosti
    Ideální pro silné, strmé vlny
  • Vlastnosti
    Pro rychlé surfování a výkonné zatáčky
  • Produkt č.: 611114
  • Pro:
    • Muže
    • Ženy
    • Chlapce
    • Dívky
  • Eko:
    • Recyklované
    • Udržitelné
  • Tail: Wing Tail
  • Vlastnosti surfů: Finy
  • Úroveň ježdění:
    • Expert
    • Pokročilý
  • Délka: 4'10 ft
    1 ft = 30,48 cm
  • Šířka prkna: 19.7 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Tloušťka: 2.0 inch
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Objem: 23.2 liter
  • Fin Box Systém: Universal
  • Váha jezdce: 55.0kg / 90.0kg
  • Lib Tech wake and river surfboard
  • Nitrogenecell foam
  • Hexzylon fibre foam cover
  • Magnesium fibre
  • Basalt fibre fabric
  • Carbon power spine stringer
  • Bio-Matrix resin
  • FOC adjustable slot fin system
  • Elasto perimeter dampening fibre
  • Sprock blocks
  • Dimensions: 4'7" x 19.4" x 1.9"
  • Volume: 20.3 litres









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O značce Lib Tech

For some 30+ years, Lib Tech has been pushing the limits of innovation in the surf and snow sports industry. With their production still based in the US, they set out to do something different. With new shapes and technologies each year, Lib Tech want riders to have a grin on their face when using their products. A company that never stops changing is something we hugely admire, and doing so whilst keeping an eye on the environment will give you a big thumbs up from us any day of the week.