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Crab Grab Crab

Kč 469,84
včetně DPH bez dodacích poplatků
Barva: neon green
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Zákaznický servis: +43 3687 2422 333
Tabulka velikostí pro Crab Grab - Grip podložky

Whether you have a big board, big feet or just big plans, the Crab Trapper Safety Pad by Crab Grab will catch any boot that comes it’s way.


  • Produkt č.: 356695
  • Pro:
    • Muže
    • Ženy
    • Chlapce
    • Dívky
  • Popis materiálu: EVA
  • Anti-slippery pad
  • 22 holes
  • Hexaholes: just the right size for the boot’s profile
  • Fits every snowboard and boot size
  • C-Foam: a special, lightweight rubber
  • Screw Glue: glued on like it was screwed on
  • Gripples: little gripping nipples for maximum grip

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O značce Crab Grab

Wanting to shift the focus back to stylish snowboard trick, Dawn and Preston Strout founded Crab Grab in 2010. With silly images and a happy-go-lucky attitude the idea was to inspire snowboarders to have more fun. They wanted people to enjoy the simple, stylish, creative fun which is the true foundation of snowboarding.