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Amplid Milligram Split 153 2018

Kč 28 089,42
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Zákaznický servis: +43 3687 2422 333
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Painstaking perfection with the Milligram Splitboard from Amplid.

Ambassadors. mountain guides, internet forums and test days: each year feedback and inspiration from every credible source is painstakingly collected and contemplated to evolve and improve the Milligram. Neat, little tweaks and huge innovations are what keep its weight and ride superior. Every trick in the book is used to keep this weight-weenie as light and as durable as possible. carbon fibre, which has an unbelievable stiffness to weight ratio, replace conventional fibreglass. Amplid's secret recipe BBP core not only cuts weight but also helps to damp carbon's nervous character. Tanga Tech reduces chipping and slashes 250g of unnecessary weight. New Powder Pontoon, a band of UD carbon running from tip to tail along each board half, and additional reinforcement beneath the climbing wires increase spanning-strength reducing the risk of a dreaded snowhole snap. Amplid's split-specific edge tune and Karakoram's new UltraClips round-off the improvements.

Tanga Technology
Occasionally it's necessary to shave weight off any way possible: Topless Tanga Technology is a partial topsheet which is applied to the upper carbon laminate with a top secret adhesion process. The tough material prevents unwanted chipping around the tip caused by touring. Carbon's aesthetic is raw and imperfect, but since a topsheet adds an extra 250 grams, we'd rather go without.

Profile and Shape
The shape of the Millisurf Split is Tapered Directional, which means that the nose is slightly longer and wider than the tail. This results in more floatation in deep snow and more control. This board features a Directional Cruise Camber profile, a half flat camber for all-mountain dominance. Its toned-down dimensions deliver a precise and lively feel much like a camber, but with much improved deep snow performance and a more "broken-in" feel out of the shrink-wrap. In Amplid's directional boards, a touch of early rise is added to Cruise Camber to improve buoyancy even further. The 3D Crust Buster Nose consists of a curled-up edge along the nose, from the zero contact points towards the tip. Thanks to this new 3D-shaped nose geometry in combination with Amplid's elliptic nose cavity, you will experience a new dimension of floatation and turn initiation. The nose feels "surfer" and more forgiving, it pops up the tip and your stance will be more central - without any back thigh burner.

This splitboard features the BBP Core, the lightest wood core money can buy. Weightless Paulownia and Balsa are carefully arranged with stronger Birch to save valuable grammes without sacrificing strength. The Full Carbon Jacket is the most expensive fibre laminate in Amplid's arsenal. Carbon's tensile strength to weight ratio is unbeatable, it allows the use of thinner, almost weightless laminates to achieve the same flex profile. Its responsive and energised feel is unique. The Sintered 7 HD Base is a ultra-high density sintered base that goes like shit-off-a-shovel in all snow conditions. It is extremely hard and therefore more resistant to damage. The Millisurf is also built with Floatation Tips, which are ultra wide, low rising tips that exist purely to create lift in powder without sucking up speed. They add a surfy feel to skis and snowboards. 
Spanning a snow hole with one split ski at full stride can snap it clean in two. That's why Amplid came up with the Powder Pontoon - extra, unidirectional carbon stringers along the underside of the core that increase the bending stiffness, reducing "dishing" in deep snow and increasing its breaking resistance. On the Milligram, Amplid has also added the Glass Impact Pads, multi-directional glass pads in the binding area, to avoid dings caused by pointy corners of metal splitboard binding bases. These pads will enhance durability without adding undesired weight.


  • Wider nose and narrower tail optimise buoyancy and float.
  • The greatest floatation in soft snow
  • Wider nose and narrower tail optimise buoyancy and float.
  • Produkt č.: 492535
  • Váha: 2300 g
  • styl jízdy:
    • Freeride
    • Turistika
  • Úroveň ježdění: Expert
  • Tvrdost: 7
  • Origin: Austria
  • Skluznice: Sinterované
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Délka (cm): 153 cm
  • Rádius: 7.3 m
    Čím menší rádius, tím lepší točivé vlastnosti. Větší rádius zajistí hladší jízdu ve větších rychlostech.
  • Efektivní hrana: 110 cm
    Část hrany, která je v kontaktu se sněhem. Kratší = hravější, delší = více kontroly
  • Šířka špičky: 28.2 cm
  • Šířka středu: 24.4 cm
  • Šířka patky: 28.1 cm
  • Délka špičky: 22 cm
  • Délka patky: 21 cm
  • Back stance: 10 mm
    Inserty jsou pro snadnou jízdu v prašanu umístěny o x mm více k patce.
  • Stance: 50.0cm / 58.0cm
    Minimální-maximální šířka stance
  • Jádro: poplar, balsa, paulownia
  • Váha jezdce: 40.0kg / 60.0kg
  • SHAPE: Tapered Directional
  • CAMBERLINE: Directional Cruise Camber
  • Floatation Tips
  • Bolted Tip Clips
  • BBP Core
  • Tanga Tech
  • Powder Pontoon
  • Full Carbon Jacket
  • Aero Epoxy
  • Split Board Tune
  • Sintered 7 HD Base
  • Glass Impact Pads
  • Flex: 7 out of 10

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Amplid was the first snowsports brand to cater to skiers and snowboarders from the get-go. Brainchild of snowboard ledged Peter Bauer, the idea behind Amplid is to give people the best shred possible. Still sneaking off to the mountains ever chance he gets, Peter is the heart and soul of the operation. His genuine passion for snowsports shines through in every element of the company.