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Trend Retro

Retro Look - the streetwear trend bringing the 90s back


Travel back with us to the 90s. Trendsetters, bloggers and people with an interest in the cutting edge of fashion – the retro tend has caught us all. Fanny packs, outrageous logo prints, tie-dye, crop-top and street-proof sweatpants are just a few of the retro pieces which are coming right back at us.
The styles of the 90s have a cult status which is only getting more relevant. Brands like Fila, Champion, Ellesse and Kappa are back in fashion and lighting up your wardrobe with colours.

We’ve gathered the most vital styles and collected the key pieces for the perfect retro look.

What does retro mean for streetwear?

Retro means from the past- styles which we once loved which have become relevant again. Paradoxically, retro fashion is new fashion which tilts towards old trends and styles. Some people would say it is old school fashion or vintage, however, there is a clear distinction. Vintage fashion is usually actually old items which are a resold second hand. Retro, on the other hand, describes modern trends and designs which are looking backwards for inspiration.

Retro fashion currently is clearly in the throes of a 1990s revival. The iconic styles of the 90s are trendy again, you can see this in streetwear, snowboarding, skateboarding, freeskiing and surfing.

The 90s style

Every scene in the 90s – Punk, Hip-Hop and mainstream - had their own style. The influence of the music industry and in particular music TV and music videos helped form particular styles. Adidas jogging pants buttoned down the side with a crop top? – Of course, this is the style of the Spice Girls, Sporty Spice to be precise. The many boy bands wore oversized sweaters and baggy pants, but also dungarees and oversized logos were never too far away in the 90s.

Sportswear brands like Fila and Champion are synonymous with 90s style. They even developed their own colour styles with blue, white and red patterns. The iconic three stripes of adidas Originals can quickly be accessorised for a 90s look, as can the logos of Kappa and Ellese. Eye-catching logo prints and colourful combinations – a must.

How to wear retro today


It goes without saying, but fashion has changed over the years. For you to channel the style of the 90s the right way, we have our all-important retro styling tips.

The most import part of any look is the basics. Start with a logo sweatshirt, hoodie or training top – oversized of course! Then you can add matching accessories. Trendy hoodies from Fila and Champion have eye-catching colours and bold logo prints. Try a matching anorak with a bum bag for a truly unique look.

Retro accessories include fanny packsdad hats, bucket hats, fiddler hats and of course socks from the likes of adidas Originals or Fila. Fanny packs are both a statement fashion piece and, actually really practical. Wherever you go –festivals, on holiday or just chilling around town, you can take your stylish bum bag with you. So practical you’ll never want to be without your fanny pack ever again.

If you really want to make the most of the retro trend, you need a pair of cool sweatpants. A pair of classic training pants from adidas Originals or even overalls! For bolder girls, a sporty cropped tanks top is a must to get the retro vibe.

We could continue with our list of retro styling tips and matching pieces forever. There we so many iconic styles in the 90s. Check our full selection of retro products to find your personal style. You can combine everything because the attitude of the 90s is still true today: Be brave and make a statement.

Why do we love the retro look?

Pink and turquoise, orange and blue or yellow and purple – that’s how it works. Finally, we are able to embrace colour again and our wardrobes are liberated. What else do we love about retro? Not only do you look cool, but you stay comfortable. So we can chill out on the couch in our favourite comfy joggers, then spontaneously take to the streets and party all night. Perfect!

The retro look has something for everyone and every season. In our huge selection of different styles, colours and cuts, you can find your piece. In summer you can style slides and caps or hats. In winter go with cosy oversized sweaters or jackets. If you’re a complete convert to retro or just want to spice up your wardrobe with some colour one thing is clear. It’s impossible to make a fashion faux-pas with retro. It is all very clear: Have courage with colour, courage with different shapes and make a statement. Together we can revive the 90s and have the road trips, long parties and beautiful sunsets we’ve all dreamt of.