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Three Wise Men

Interviewing Three Wise Men

Freeskiing lives from its creative scene, always striving for new projects that have never been there before, significantly shaping the sport. The Red Bull Playstreets, first held in 2007, are the perfect example for such a project. The Contest in Bad Gastein is not just a reliable crowd puller each year anew, but also highly appreciated by many international top-riders, thanks to the unique slopestyle course in the middle of the town between narrow streets and small houses. Without a doubt our three Blue Tomato Teamriders Ahmet DadaliRuss Henshaw and Luca Tribondeau didn’t have to be asked twice to come and show their skills in front of approximately 8500 visitors all around the course, providing an extraordinary atmosphere. For sure we didn’t hesitate either and had a chat with the three freeski-pros about their opinions on the Playstreets, the future of freeskiing and the question which role the FIS will play in it.

Ahmet Dadali

Episode 1 let’s Ahmet Dadali have his say. Ahmet was born and raised in the US State of New York, hardly known for being a freeski paradise. However by now, due to his passion, Ahmet lives in the snowy mountains of Colorado. Influenced by his hometown, the city child is an absolute specialist for urban courses and creative freeskiing, making style and fun his number one priorities. About his preparation for the Olympics and his explicit opinion on the FIS, Ahmet shared his thoughts with us on site in Bad Gastein.

Russ Henshaw

In Episode 2 we are having a chat with Russ Henshaw. The Australian Blue Tomato Teamrider, quite familiar with the concept of the Playstreets after winning the contest in 2009 already, appears to be a big fan of creativity in contest freeskiing as well. He strongly believes that unique courses and sceneries will influence freeskiing more than constantly going for bigger, tougher and more complicated tricks. On site Russ also shared his opinion on the future of his sport and the participation of the FIS with us.

Luca Tribondeau

Carinthian freeski-ace Luca Tribondeau expressed his thoughts on the contest and the future of freeskiing in Episode 3. The Austrian Olympic athlete 2014, who already practiced in Flachauwinkl for the Playstreets in particular, was also keen on the contest and its extraordinary concept, being extra happy for the many visitors who came. About Luca’s view of FIS and AFP as well as potential developments in freeskiing in general, we had a chat with him at the Playstreets in Bad Gastein.