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Team Gathering Snowboard 2017

Blue Tomato Snowboard Team Gathering 2017

In summer we at Blue Tomato mainly go skateboarding and surfing. Thanks to the Superpark Dachstein within close proximity, we have been able to alternate these sessions with slush-park-shreds well into July. Not only our employees liked it, but also our #bluetomatoteam riders did at least equally! Among other things because we have been inviting them every year to the Team Gathering to spend a weekend full of slush-snowboarding, skate sessions and BBQ together!

18 of our snowboard teamriders followed the invitation in 2017. Among them Pros like Anna Gasser, Mario Käppeli, Dominik Wagner, Mathias Weißenbacher or Clemens Millauer, as well as numerous shop teamriders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

BT-Teamrider Clemens Millauer and Mathias Weissenbacher
Mathias Weißenbacher trusts Clemens Millauer with his Double Wildcats practically blind or in this case mid-carve. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

After all our riders checked in in our favourite hotel in Schladming – the TUI Blue Pulse right at the Planai valley station – the decision to go skating was made. Despite the weather forecast of thunder, the team paid a visit to our friends from the Skatepark Radstadt, where they proved with great motivation that the boys and girls also have some skills on the skateboard. The weather stayed rather fine and the day was finished with a nice BBQ before everyone went to their comfortable beds at the TUI Blue Pulse, to be able to shred the Superpark Dachstein with full energy the next day.

#healthylifestyle in the skatepark
#healthylifestyle is a must at the Team Gathering, here exemplary with a lot of fruit and physical activity from Lorenz Vyslozil and Felix Widnig. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

After initial fog, the sun made its way through pretty quickly and the day was exploited with countless kicker- and rail tricks.

Mario shreds the self-scooped sidehits
Mario Kaeppeli actually doesn’t ride parks anymore. Self-scooped sidehits bring him all the more pleasure. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

A fully successful shooting day up the mountain was finished off relaxing at the lake before the riders said goodbye and went in homeward direction – until we see each other in winter on the slopes again!

Anna Gasser on the rainbowrail
Anna Gasser puts as much style in her tricks as possible; also in this Noseblunt on the rainbowrail. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

Blue Tomato Team Gathering 2016

16 Blue Tomato snowboard teamriders from Stuttgart to Villach, from Rookie to Pro made sure to make the Blue Tomato Team Gathering 2016 a full success – again! Countless tricks, pizzas, bails and steaks ensured a great weekend in the Superpark Dachstein with kind support from the TUI Blue Pulse Hotel in Schladming that only was clouded shortly by summer thunderstorms.

Everyone, from Anna Gasser, Dominik Wagner and Clemens Millauer to Mario Käppeli and Ana Rumiha, had been motivated to the tips of their hair to shred all rails, kickers and of course a few self-scooped sidehits with every imaginable trick. Numerous shop teamriders at part took on long journeys to be able to join this event again and they were ripping just as much as the pros.

BT-Snowboard and Freeski Teamrider
Blue Tomato snowboard und freeski team riders united after a successful Dachstein weekend! Pic by Patrick Steiner  

No wonder that in the following year even more riders hit the road in direction Schladming!

Team Gathering Snowboard 2015

One weekend of pure summershred, loads of riders, tricks, bails and plenty of new laugh lines – that sums up the Blue Tomato snowboard team gathering in June 2015, which went down on Blue Tomato's home glacier, the awesome Dachstein. The ladies and gentlemen used each and every square inch of the Superpark Dachstein and a big shoutout goes out to our friends at the aQi Hotel Schladming, who once again were the best hosts our team could ask for!

Of course, the whole weekend was dedicated to snowboarding. World-class snowboarder Anna Gasser delivered as usual with tons of style on the rails, Dominik Wagner showed some impressive air skills with big spins and stylish flips while killing it on the rail line and Mario Käppeli went upside down with and without hands on numerous transitions. In the meantime, the young shop riders and rookies like Noah Gasperi or Max Joch delivered their portion to the mix when they took on the rail line just like the "big kids". And since the park alone wasn't enough for some, more obstacles were built, including transfer jumps and quarter pipes, which were tackled immediately by Mitja Kodric or Flo Galler.

Noah shows us the way
Noah Gasperi already showed us in 2015 how you do it. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

With that much action going down a few bails couldn't be avoided. Dominik Wagner became the “Bail King” of the weekend: he had to be dragged out of the water, soaking wet but happy indeed.
That’s why we couldn’t wait for the team gathering in 2016, which went down just as smoothly and successfully.