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Team Gathering Freeski 2017

Blue Tomato Freeski Team Gathering 2017

Nobody would say no to escape the sweltering summer heat and boredom due to the summer slump with some slush-park-shreds, right? Thanks to having the Superpark Dachstein right on our doorstep, not only we Blue Tomato employees have been able to enjoy snow sports well into July, but we also invited our #bluetomatoteam riders to the annual Team Gathering, to spend a weekend full of slush-skiing, skate sessions and BBQ together!

In 2017, several freeski teamriders followed our invitation again. Fabio Studer, Josh Absenger, Sebastian Hein, Ole Pavel, Daniel Walchhofer, Sam Baumgartner, Florian Zebisch and office-ambassador Till Ewers ripped all the obstacles Superpark Dachstein has to offer.

Sam up in the air Sam Baumgartner never gets enough airtime and pulls off a new trick over the kicker from time and time again. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

After all riders had checked in to our favourite hotel in Schladming – the TUI Blue Pulse right at the Planai valley station, the decision to go skating was made. Despite the weather forecast of thunder, the team paid a visit to our friends from the Skatepark Radstadt, where they proved with great motivation that the boys also have some skills on the skateboard. The weather stayed rather fine and the day was finished with a nice BBQ before everyone went to their comfortable beds at the TUI Blue Pulse, to be able to shred the Superpark Dachstein with full energy the next day.

Daniel Walchhofer on the stair-set
Overcoming a stair-setup with fresh energy: Daniel Walchhofer shows you how. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

After initial fog, the sun made its way through pretty quickly and the day was exploited with countless kicker- and rail tricks.

Sebastian Hein landing his Signature Moves
Sebastian Hein feels by far most at home on rails and landed his signature moves on approximately each of these obstacles at the Dachstein. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

A fully successful shooting day up the mountain was finished off relaxing at the lake before the riders said goodbye and went in homeward direction – until we see each other in winter on the slopes again!

Florian Zebisch on the rainbowrail
Florian Zebisch from the Blue Tomato Shop Rosenheim on the rainbowrail. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

Blue Tomato Freeski Teamgathering 2016

Blue Tomato Freeski Teamriders from Stuttgart, Garmisch and Linz to Villach, from Rookie to Pro; everyone hit the road to follow the invitation to the Blue Tomato Team Gathering and made it a full success! Countless tricks, pizzas, bails and steaks ensured a great weekend in the Superpark Dachstein with kind support from the TUI Blue Pulse Hotel in Schladming that only was clouded shortly by summer thunderstorms.

From Ole Pavel from Stuttgart up to Daniel Moder and Sebastian Hein from Garmisch as well as the locals Martin Hauck, Alex Reiter, Daniel Walchhofer, Samuel Rettensteiner und Severin Noiges, Sam Baumgartner from Linz and Fabio Doberauer and Philipp Freitag from Villach had gathered. With countless gunfires, terrific Snapchat takeovers and the toughest tricks on rails, kickers and of course self-scooped-up sidehits, they shredded the park to its limits.

Sam Baumagartners version of ”taking it easy”
Sam Baumgartner's version of “taking it easy”: Switch Backflip Gap over the Rainbow Rail. Pic by Delia Frohn  

No wonder our riders numerously followed the invitation again in the following year!

Team Gathering Freeski 2015

If you take 10 Blue Tomato freeski team riders, be sure to have your camera ready because it’s going to be wild. Of course, our Freeski Team Gathering in June 2015 was the perfect escape from the daily routine on the road and the stress from the different contests. The team riders rocked our home base – the Superpark Dachstein – for three entire days and made it the stage for finest slopestyle action and bold freestyle maneuvers. Besides the enticing accompanying program and the mutual riding sessions our friends from the aQi Hotel did their best at accommodating the riders with their genuine hospitality.

Freeski sessions at the park were everyone’s highest priority though. With tickling feet and skis in the bag we went to Superpark Dachstein to shred the kickers, rails and quarters. Immediately, Fabio Doberauer and Martin Hauck started testing the rails and there was no doubt about their skills whatsoever.

Freeski is also a team sport, which slopestyle king Severin “Gucci” Guggemoos and Daniel Moder proved successfully. During the gathering, they spent more time together on the rails than anywhere alone by themselves. The Kaar twins were inseparable as well and this also led to some confusion among the riders.

Freeski is a teamsport
Inseparable – Gucci and Dani in action. Pic by Patrick Steiner  

Everyone was done with the obstacles quickly, at which point some of the riders only finished their warm-up exercises. Without further ado they unpacked their shovels and built a few new sidehits, kickers and quarters. Whilst building new obstacles with snowboard team colleague Mario Käppeli, Fabio Studer worked on his tan, too.
Three days of fun and filming made us look forward to our next team gathering, which was just as successful in May 2016.