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The effect of surfing is equal to almost everyone – whoever got the chance to stand on a board and catch a wave just once, never ever wants to stop riding the waves. Once this unique watersport casts a spell on you, there is no way back, because from now on the search for the perfect wave has priority for every surfer. Most start their journey in search of the ideal surfspot in Europe, where especially the Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, and France offer pretty good swell and countless surfcamps, in particular in the late months of summer – we have summed up our favorite surfcamps and other more exotic spots on a separate page, by the way – our favorite spots.

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In case you have already gained some experience and you are familiar with different kinds of swells and conditions, your journey will most probably take you to further places such as Indonesia, the Philippines, or maybe the Maldives. In 2015 our teamrider Lisa Veith was lucky enough to catch some extraordinary waves while on a boattrip on the Maldives. Of course she was kind enough to let us participate by sending a travelogue of her Maldives Surftrip. But beware: it might cause serious symptoms of the travel bug!

However, ahead of every surftrip you have to reach the right level of fitness, as without the needed paddling-power the surftrip of your dreans might easily turn into a waveriding-nightmare. No matter if you just grab your surfboard and wetsuit and paddle around in the nearest lake or seriously prepare with functional training, the fun you are going to have will be the bigger the fitter you are. If you need some further advice on that, you might as well want to take a look at the training-tips of teamrider and prosurfer Jonas Bachan.

A trip to exotic waves needs to be well-planned. First of all you have to consider what the right surf-equipment for you will have to look like. Does your surfboard really fit your surfskills? Do you have the right wetsuit, the fitting lycra, the ideal surfbikini or the boardshort with a high stretch-ratio with you? How many spare fins are you going to take with you and what else will you need during your trip? As the preparation of a surftrip usually costs you a lot of nerves, teamrider Lisa Veith assists you by letting you participate in her overwhelmingly huge experience regarding trip-preparation and boardbag-packlists.

After you extensively considered everything regarding the approaching surftrip, we offer you everything that pleases the heart of a true surfer – in our onlineshop you will find numerous products around surfing, because
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