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Summer trend Slip Ons

Slip Ons

It's (not) complicated!

White Slip Ons on street
Summer trend Slip Ons

How many decisions do we have to make each day? Around 20,000, apparently. Geez. Sounds pretty stressful. Which side of the bed should I get up on? Was that the right choice? Next up you got the decision choosing the right type of clothing and apparel. Which socks should I get into? Is it sunny enough for sunglasses or can I pimp my style with some accessories perhaps? Women may ask if they should wear a dress and then there’s the question of picking the best choice in a selection of bags.

We don’t have answers to every single one of these questions, but when it comes to footwear, worry no more - we‘ve got some suggestions that should make your decisions a whole lot easier. Suit or comfy streetwear? No contest. But the question which shoes are best suited for the day to come? Is it sneakers, sandals, boots, heels or maybe runners? That‘s a little bit harder.

Our suggestion: Slip on some Slip Ons! No laces, no velcro, no fuss! Just slip ‘em on and skate or cycle off into the sunset! Life really can be that simple! Brands like Vans and Toms make life that little bit easier with their irresistibly simple and comfortable shoes.

There‘s no limit to your style, shape, size or color! White, black, blue, brown – from eye-catching to casual, we‘ve got every sort in our collection. There‘s just one more question: why was everything complicated when life can be so simple? Now all you have to do is get out of the bed. Slip ons solve the rest.

Search no more and gift yourself with one of our items in the shop. We got you covered with our new arrivals for a reasonable price. Order your new pair of shoes and we’ll arrange the shipping of your favorite items directly from our store to your home.

Not a fan – Not a problem. Check out our other offers on shoes in our shop.

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