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Summer trend Slip Ons

Slip Ons

It's (not) complicated!

How many decisions do we have to make each day? Around 20,000, apparently. Geez. Sounds pretty stressful. Which side of the bed should I get up on? Was that the right choice? Worry no more - we've got some suggestions that should make your decisions a whole lot easier. Suit or comfy streetwear? No contest. But sneakers, sandals or runners? That's a little bit harder. Our suggestion: Slip on some Slip Ons! No laces, no velcro, no fuss! Just slip 'em on and skate or cycle off into the sunset! Life really can be that simple!
Brands like Vans and adidas make life that little bit easier with their irresistibly simple and comfortable shoes. There's no limit to your style! From colourful to subtle, we've got it all in our collection. There's just one more question: why was everything complicated when life can be so simple? Now all you have to do is get out of the bed. Slip ons solve the rest

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