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Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour Munich

The Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour is the highest-ranked skateboarding contest series altogether. No wonder we from Blue Tomato wanted to participate as one of the official partners again this year. 
Of course we did not miss out on inviting the pros to our Blue Tomato Shop in Munich once again. On June 22nd 2017 from 16:00 o'clock on we hosted a Best Trick Session at our Shop in Munich. Afterwards the riders and fans had the chance to grab a personal autograph by Tiago Lemos, Louie Lopez, Trevor ColdenDashawn Jordan and Evan Smith. Jones.

The SLS weekend started for us already on Thursday. At our Blue Tomato Shop AM skaters could compete in a Best Trick Session presented by G-Shock. Followed by a Signing Session with five of the top riders from this years’ SLS contest. 

The AM riders gave our judges a really hard time, because all of them showed awesome tricks. The prizes included SLS Tickets, Blue Tomato vouchers and a G-Shock watch.

After the Best Trick Session our Signing Session started with the SLS Top Riders:
Tiago Lemos// Louie Lopez// Trevor Colden// Dashawn Jordan// Evan Smith

Signing Session @Blue Tomato Shop München © Michael Fasching
Signing Session @Blue Tomato Shop München © Michael Fasching

Special SLS and Blue Tomato fans had the chance to buy one of the limited ecition skatedecks, which were printed on the same day directly in the shop. 

Signing Session @Blue Tomato Shop München © Michael Fasching
Signing Session @Blue Tomato Shop München © Michael Fasching

On Friday the pros could discover the reworked SLS course at the ice stadium and get ready for the big contest on Saturday.

Evan Smith with an Indy Nosebone © Fabian Reichenbach
Evan Smith with an Indy Nosebone © Fabian Reichenbach

The contest on Saturday was as hot as the venue. The stadium was completely sold out, and the whole crowd was on fire throughout the contest. For many hours world class skaters were in an extremely close and exciting duel. The riders did not leave anything untouched and started right from the beginning with an amazing show.

In Heat 2 Dashawn Jordan landed a bigger flip front board down the rail earning the first 9 of the day. Right after that Nyjah Huston followed with 9 points for a kickflip to front board down the flat kinked Rail. Heat 3 also held some surprises. The 2016 SLS World Champion, Shane O’Neill had a rare off-day and landed very few of his tricks. But Miles Silvas showed some decent skateboarding and got to compete in the finals after showing a switch heel back tail along the ledge.

Nyjah Huston fscrook © Justin Crawford
Nyjah Huston fscrook © Justin Crawford

In the finals we got to see some strong 9 Club Runs. The finalists were: Dashawn Jordan, Nyjah Huston, Chris Joslin, Miles Silvas, Carlos Ribeiro, Torey Pudwill and Kelvin Hoefler.

The skill level in the finals was world-class, with many 9 point scores. The most thrilling duel happened between Nyjah Huston and the SLS Rookie Yuto Horigome. Both had many 9 point runs until Nyjah went all out with kickflip gap to back lip down the rail and fell. It was all up to Yuto, who had the whole crowd backing him up, but failed his final trick. Nyjah could celebrate his second win within the SLS Tour 2017. Carlos Ribeiro got third place.

Winner Nyjah Huston © Fabian Reichenbach
Winner Nyjah Huston © Fabian Reichenbach

Blue Tomato held an exclusive training session at the SLS course on Sunday for some of our team riders. The boys had loads of fun on the course and got the most out of their time there. After that the riders went to a few hidden street skatespots in Munich to shot some more until everyone went back home on Sunday evening.

Winner Nyjah Huston © Fabian Reichenbach
Winner Nyjah Huston © Fabian Reichenbach

SLS impressions 2016

Nyjah Huston gave out fist bumps to young fans at the signing session at the Blue Tomato shop in Munich
Nyjah Huston signed autographs in our shop and gave out fist bumps. Thanks Nyjah! Thanks Street League Skateboarding! Photo: Delia Frohn

After a signing session with Nyjah Huston, Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith and Cody McEntire at our Blue Tomato Shop Munich we also attended the contest itself. Due to a huge raffle and the #bluetomatosls hashtag printer a never-ending line emerged in front of our booth.

Several #bluetomatosls posts which were picked up later
Several #bluetomatosls prints - picked up later by their authors. Photo: Hashtagprinter

The contest grew out of proportions with massive tricks and remained highly exciting until the very end! Nyjah Huston had a tough time with a huge Gap to Crooked and had to settle for the 3rd place. With insane tricks and the support of the local audience Luan Oliveira came within an inch of the top podium finish. However, it was ex-champion and “Switch King” for the day Paul Rodriguez who took the 1st place and claimed all the glory. It is almost terrifying how steady PRod skates in switch stance. This well-deserved victory also sent him to the top of the Street League Skateboarding ranking.

The venue right before the contest
The venue right before the contest! Photo: Hashtagprinter

A dope contest like that also deserved an appropriate after-show party and so Evan, Nyjah, Luan, PRod and co. danced the night away…

From the Street to Skate Heaven

A conveniently sunny Sunday afternoon concluded the incredible Street League weekend. Being the official partner shop we got the permission from the SLS organizers and used the opportunity for a private Blue Tomato skateboard team session on the Street League course – but not without testing a few street spots around the Olympic Park before, of course. A picture is worth a thousand words and moving pictures all the more. So here’s our clip for you to watch:

The first spot was a 5 + 1 stair set with a perfectly long approach, proper length and a landing site that couldn’t have been rougher. Especially Dario Fink, Vedran Micanovic and Tobi Fleischer rocked the stairs and took on the uncomfortable landing, but after a huge Kickflip from Dario and a 360 Flip from Tobi the crew moved on to the next spot.

Tobi Fleischer, Treflip, Munich
Tobi Fleischer with a gnarly Treflip. Photo: Hannes Mautner

Next was a textbook example of a DIY ghetto spot: rough, graffiti all over and, unfortunately, lots of broken glass which had to be quickly cleaned around the curb. However, the cleaning was followed by pretty much any flip in or flip out of the curb combo you can imagine. For sure there are no NBD’s left on that curb now.

Dario Fink, Flip out of the curb, Munich
Dario Fink flips out of the curb. Photo: Hannes Mautner
Vedran Micanovic's massive flip versions - here: Flip to FS Nose
Vedran Micanovic also put his mark on the spot with several flip tricks on and off the curb – here: Flip to FS Nose. Photo: Hannes Mautner

The third spot was already taken by a film crew upon arrival. Street League participant Evan Smith couldn’t get enough of skateboarding and shot a few clips with DC Shoes team colleague Matt Miller and their cameraman. There was enough space for everybody though so we could do a few BS Tailslides, Nosegrind Pop Outs and several other tricks on the curb above a huge gap ourselves and it quickly turned into a smooth riding session together with the DC team riders.

Sergio Grosu, Nosegrind, Munich
Sergio Grosu wasn‘t bothered that immediately before him Evan Smith and Matt Miller didn’t land their tricks. He nosegrinded over the gap. Photo: Hannes Mautner
Vedran Micanovic, BS Tailslide, Munich
Vedran Micanovic relentlessly trying every single trick until perfection – like this BS Tailslide. Photo: Hannes Mautner

A Dream Come True: The Street League Course

Yet the highlight of the day was still to come: skating the exact same obstacles Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Shane O’Neill or Nyjah Huston did the day before. Imagine children spotting the presents underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Day. Picture that when our team riders entered the quasi-empty Olympic Hall later that afternoon and spotted the SLS course.

Action without an audience - Julia and Vedran ready to drop!
Empty seats during our skate session when the day before thousands of fans cheered for Nyjah and co.’s tricks – a truly unique feeling. Julia and Vedran ready to drop! Photo: Hannes Mautner

No audience, no judges, not even advertising banners – only us and a perfect park. Even though everyone had already been on the road and skating for hours there was no holding back for the boys and girls - Julia Brückler, who was on tour with Nike SB earlier, had joined the crew by then. Every single obstacle, which looked quite a bit bigger up close, was hit with gnarly tricks.

Tobi Fleischer, FS Boarslide, Munich
Tobi Fleischer hit the rail as one of the first of course – FS Boardslide. Photo: Hannes Mautner
Dario Fink, Crooked Grind, Munich
Dario Fink - Crooked Grind in front of an empty scenery. Photo: Hannes Mautner

Nevertheless, the Blue Tomato team riders insisted on skating every last obstacle and hit them with every trick imaginable so that after another two and a half hours of skating session even the most persistent athlete hit the wall. Enjoying cold drinks and pizza the team unrolled the day and Andy Kögler declared: “It was the best day of the year.” We’ll let that pass without comment…

Nasty bail witnesses - luckily nobody got hurt
Oh boy! Apparently Matthias, Andy and Tobi witnessed a nasty bail. Luckily, nobody was hurt! Photo: Hannes Mautner
Jonas Reiff, BS Boardslide, Munich The youngest team rider came all the way from Stuttgart to the session – his motivation was just as high: Jonas Reiff, BS Boardslide. Photo: Hannes Mautner
Michael Muzyczyn, BS 180, Munich Michael Muzyczyn didn’t bother much with the rail itself but decided to gap the entire set with a BS 180. Photo: Hannes Mautner
Andy Kögler, Crooked Pop Over, Munich Andy Kögler with a Crooked Pop Over at the curved rail, which deprived Nyjah of the victory the day before. Photo: Hannes Mautner