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Snowboarding: From wooden planks to high-tech pow turns

I is uncertain where the first snowboard was built. Whether it is Turkish farmers sliding with a wooden tablet 150 years ago or dude in Illinois, USA filing the first patent on a snowboard type device in 1939. Only thing we can say for certain is that modern snowboarding began in 1965 when the first commercial snowboard was introduced with the invention of the "Snurfer". In the last 50 years snowboarding has progressed in leaps but it hasn't lost any of the fun it was originally invented.

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Everything around snowboarding

The snowboarding equipment has evolved immensely in the last 50 years. First snowboards, just a simple plank of wood, have evolved in to a modern, ecologically produced, high tech winter sport equipment. Wood is still essential in the construction of a snowboard, but more and more we see space-age materials, like basalt and carbon fiber added to provide strength and durability of snowboards. When snowboard bindings and snowboard boots were brought to the scene in the late 1970's they increased the control and comfort of riding. Introduction of such features like heat molding, quick-lacing andshock cushioning foot soles guarantee that with modern boots from brands like Burton you keep shredding the whole day.

The diversity of snowboarding

Snowboarding is easy to start. You just need a small mountain, boots, snowboard and bindings. Waterproof and warm clothing and gloves help you in the battle against the winter weather. When you've learned the basics you can start to explore the different disciplines of snowboarding. Maybe you find yourself hitting the urban obstacles in the park or in the streets. Or maybe you find your passion free carving the perfect pisteOr if you are an adventurous type roaming the back country with a powsurfer or splitboard might be your calling. Whatever you decide to do, just remember two things: safety and fun. Keep yourself safe with the correct safety equipment and remember the etiquette, on the piste and in the park. And remember to have fun.

Snowboarding for everyone

Snowboarders are globe trotters always looking for the best place to ride. Whether it is a bucket list trip to the powders of Japan or an end of season fun get-together like our Blue Tomato Team Gathering. Just slap your snowboard into your board bag and hit the road. Snowboarding is an excellent way to broaden your view and meet new people.

Find the perfect equipment

Fun, self-expression, travelling, friends, being outdoors and good times. This and everything else is snowboarding. Check out the Snowboard Buyer’s Guide, find the ultimate set-up including board, boots, bindings und snowwear from brands like Burton, Capita, Bataleon or K2 and hit the slopes!
And remember: Your ride. Our mission.