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Skeleton Sea

Skeleton Sea

Be the change you want to see and keep the Oceans Clean.

Bottles, cans, driftwood… for most of us the trash at the beach seems to be useless materials. Not for the artists Luis de Dios Mellada, Xandi Kreuzeder and João Parrinha. These three turn the trash’s life around. They use the trash to build skeletal Objects in individual styles.

The Last Tuna
The Last Tuna - made out of old tuna cans

The Project Skeleton Sea started ten years ago during a surf trip to the Azores. Exploring deserted islands, tanning in the sun and surfing perfect waves in clear and warm water without a crowd. A perfect paradise. At least that’s what the three artists were expecting when they started their trip to the Azores. But during the travels they realized that the ocean is not only clear, warm and beautiful but also in some places a huge garbage dump. On the one hand the boys were shocked about the carpet of garbage. But on the other hand the trash also inspired them to start a special project. They started to use the flotsam to build special trash-sculptures and installations.

The “Last Tuna” made out of old tuna cans, “The Face of Pollution” out of different flotsam or “The Roxy Mermaid” built with old flip flops and other plastic waste that was collected during the Roxy Pro Contest in Biarritz. The various installations are not only impressive, unique sculptures, but also convey "Keep the Oceans Clean”.

The Face of Pollution
The Face of Pollution

Surfing, art and nature - with Skeleton Sea the three artists have managed to combine their passions and to protect what they love. Using flotsam and jetsam: beach trash, weathered and dead materials. The artistic interpretation and composition of these materials brings them back to life, forming skeleton-like objects and mixed media installations. With the artworks the three artists draw attention to pollution and the threat to the world's oceans. They express how important the oceans, beaches and the human rights are for all of us.

The initially small project has become a big Green Art Project, which aims to raise awareness of all the sports enthusiasts and all other for a responsible use of our planet's resources.

Here you find more information on the artist group Skeleton Sea and a preview of the unique installations: www.skeletonsea.com

Skeleton Sea projects

Be the change you want to see - To protect the sea further, in addition to their green art project and designing objects with waste the three ambitious surfers started with other projects to entire message to "Keep the Oceans Clean":

The Spitting Whale
The Spitting Whale

Exhibitions to promote the art. Movie and online documentations, prints and
books about their art.

Skeleton Sea Camps at various spots. Surfing together, beach clean ups and workshops to create new Skeleton Sea objects out of the trash.

A collection of environmentally sustainable materials from Skeleton Sea.

Beach clean-ups and art workshops with children - Turn Trash into Art! Using the creative tinkering with beach garbage to strengthen children’s environmental awareness and explaining the importance of conserving our natural resources.

All profits from the actions go to charitable projects of Skeleton Sea.

The Seedling Project
The Seedling Project

Skeleton Sea Seedling Project

Children are the future's environmentalists.
To create awareness among the young generation and to build a better future,
Skeleton Sea introduced the Seedling Project.

"Turn Trash into Art" - this is the motto under which children are made aware
of environmental problems.

See more infos about the project here.

Skeleton Sea - The Tides of Tomorrow

Norwegian filmstudents were last autumn in Portugal and brought Xandi and Joao in front of the camera. Hence a 25 minute documentary film about their work with skeleton sea emerged. The movie shows not only the project itself but how hard it is to live from it. At the moment the film is shown at various documentary film festivals worldwide.

For more infos and screeningdates check their facebook page.

Or watch the trailer to the movie here

All actions and the selling of skeleton sea products by Blue Tomato support the charitable projects by Skeleton Sea.
You want to know more about that? All infos about the artist group Skeleton Sea and a preview of the unique installation you can find here: