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Skateboards: Short boards for street, park, pool and mini ramp

Your skateboard consists of the following parts: a deck and grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware (bolts and nuts). The skateboard deck is usually built of seven pressed layers of maple or another robust wood. Brands like Almost, Element or Blind combine wood with other materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber or aluminium. This doesn’t only reduce the weight of skateboard deck but also protects the critical parts of your board better than conventional wood.

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Measurements and shape of the deck

A conventional skateboard deck has a length between 31” to 33” and 7,5” to 8,5” width. There are special boards for kids and teens which are shorter and slimmer in order to enable them to do flip tricks with their smaller feet. Nose and tail of the board are bent upwards so riding both normal and switch is easy. The concave that reaches from the nose to the tail influences stability and flipping behavior of your board. A low-concave gives a solid, wider platform for your feet on the board. This is a huge benefit when riding pools or mini ramos. Decks with high-concave can get flipped more easily and therefore are perfect for street and park skateboarding.

Skateboard trucks: connecting link between deck and wheels

The trucks of your board consist of the hanger, a baseplate, the kingpin and the bushings. The width of your trucks should match your deck. The height is adapted to the diameter of your wheels. Low trucks go with wheels from 50 to 53mm, mid trucks with wheels from 53-56mm and wheels with a diameter more than 56mm should be attached to high trucks.

Skateboard wheels: how to find the perfect match

Wheels are categorized by two criteria: the diameter and the durometer (= hardness). Skateboard wheels have a diameter from 49mm to above 60mm. Small wheels are especially suitable for streets while wheels around 55mm are best suited for the conditions in skate parks, pools and half pipes. Wheels above 60mm offer high comfort and speed for cruising around, enjoying the benefits of longboarding while being on your skateboard.
The durometer is measured in “A” – the higher the number before the “A”, the harder the wheels. Hard wheels are suitable for parks and streets while soft wheels are good in halfpipes and cruising.

Ball bearings: thrust for your board

The bearings make the wheels roll constantly and flowingly. The ABEC-rating points out the manufacturing precision of ball bearings. The higher ABEC rating bearings are more efficient and have greater speed capabilities. It means that ball bearings with a higher ABEC-rating wear out slower than those with a lower rating and thus live longer.
You can find all components for your skateboard as well as the right accessoires like helmets, knee and elbow protection and skate tools online or in a Blue Tomato store near you.