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Salt & Silver Preorder Interview

Peru, you beauty!

We never saw a country with that much variety in landscapes, food and people. You showed us the beauty of the north with awesome beaches, epic surf, legendary places like Cabo Blanco and Chicamas, delicious sea food and long nights with good friends.

You took us to Iquitos, deep in the Amazonas area, far away from every road. We spent nights in your forests in small houses with local people, eating the Piranhas we caught in your rivers. From the Belen Markt, which mostly floats on water, to the huge Amazonas river with pink dolphins and epic sunsets, you blew our mind. We stayed weeks in your vibrating capital, Lima, where we found friends for lifetime and recipes that changed the whole game.

You invited us to the „Meeting of Styles Peru“, where we painted with 150 international artists and showed us the variety of peruvian Rap, Graffiti and Breakdance culture. We visited your historical and very high (3400m) city Cusco, which was full of old markets, delicious food and native people. We climbed hard to reach Machu Picchu and finally you opened your cloudy sky to show us the most breathtaking mountain panorama we´ve ever seen. In the south, you finished us with Arequipa and his national park with epic desert sceneries and lifetime experiences when we slaughtered a lamb to prepare it in a hole full of hot stones.

That would be enough, but we spent the last night on a wild, empty beach, preparing fish over the fire, having the last surf in your beautiful country.

Peru, we love you.


Landing by airplane in Quito used to be pretty tough. With a height of 2800m a.s.l. this city is the highest capital city of the world. Before 2013, airplanes had to circle around the city to hit the small airport in the middle of this booming capital. Strong winds, a lot of fog and a short runway caused some accidents in the past, but since they build a new airport 2 years ago, Quito is known for having the safest and most modern airport all over latin america. So actually we didn’t have any problems.

It´s always hard to describe huge capitals like Quito in a few words - there are so many markets, restaurants, parks and things to see! Luckily we met some great guys from the ALM crew, one of the best Graffiti Crews from Ecuador. They showed us their city, invited us to their houses, showed a lot of hospitality and gave us the chance to paint some great walls together. This is how you make friends forever! And again, we explored a place through the eyes of locals - always the best!

After spending one awesome week in Quito it was time to catch some waves! Unfortunately, there was no swell. So we headed down the whole coast, from Atacames in the north to Manta in the south. Down in Puerto Lopez, which is famous for its delicious Ceviche we spotted some freshly caught sharks. Believe it or not - they eat all of it, not only the fins. Still a bad feeling seeing these rare and beautiful species outside the water. We travelled by hitchhiking and chicken busses which worked out pretty good! Imagine the road-trip-feeling you get: chilling with your board on the back of a 1975 Ford Pickup, surrounded by bunch of cows who cross the street, breathing the warm ocean winds from the dark green pacific - nuff said

And finally: GALAPAGOS! There a no words that can describe these piece of earth in an appropriate way. Due to the protected waters and island since decades, this group of islands has a variety of nature wildlife that is just ridiculous. Huge whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, thousands of land and sea turtles, birds, huge lizards and of course - the seals. Exploring the water around the island while surfing and diving was one of the best things we´ve done on this trip through Latin America and we are so stoked to show you the Video of Ecuador and Galapagos very very soon!

Costa Rica.

People call it "the latin american Suiss". If you see the prices for a piece of cheese, you get why. If you try that piece of cheese, you don't get why. Apart from the prices, the country is stunning: There are huge active volcanos in the middle of the rainforrest, that make you feel like back in time when dinosaurs where walking the earth. Monkeys play around in the trees in your hostels garden.

The jungle reaches all the way to the beach, where clean, bathtub temperated waves invite you to surf.
You can walk through the forrests to find some 20 meter high waterfalls. Jump them. (And try to not die.) Relax in a random hammock on a random beach under random palm trees and have a coconut. Go fishing. Catch Langostinos.

Read. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. It's all about relaxing here.

At Elenas Downtown Hostel in Montezuma we had the chance to experiment a lot for new innovative fishrecipes: Beetroot Ceviche, Coconut Curry, Grilled Snapper Filet on spicy Pumpkinsalsa. Just to name a few that will make it into the book for sure.

For everyone who is looking for a beautiful country with high travel comfort and safety for his next holiday: Costa Rica is your place to go.


The best way to travel around in Nicaragua is in so called "chickenbusses", typical old yellow american schoolbuses, which once they get sorted out in the States are sold to Nicaragua.One of those chickenbusses brought us to Masachapa, a small fishing village not far from Managua.
In the mornings at sunrise, when the fishermen return home in their tiny nutshells after fishing all night long, they bring treasures of the sea in all kinds of shapes. Boats full of red snapper, tuna, mackerel, stingrays, sometimes even bullsharks, so fresh that the fish smells like nothing but ocean.

Surfing is lifestyle!
The surf in Nica is worldclass. The huge lake Nicaragua, just some Kilometers from the coast, produces all year long offshore wind at most of the surfspots. Almost all important spots are to be found within short distance. So we could take a boat to a lefthand pointbreak at high tide in the morning, surf hollow beachbreak barrels in the early afternoon and reefbreak a-frames at sunset.
In the unlikely case of a flat day, or if you just need some alternation, visit Cerro Negro, a black volcano near the city of León. For the steep walk to the top, we were rewarded with the most stunning view over the jungle. To summ it up, we can say that we enjoyed the time in Nicaragua to the fullest.
It is well worth a visit, and we recommend you to do that before the crowds find out.

Salt and Silver in Costa Rica

Costa Rica. In the jungle.

Welcome to Jurassic Park! The mind-blowing forests and volcanic landscapes of Costa Rica are like another world to the two surfers. The pair took a bus west towards Tamarindo, and were awed en route by the volcano 'El Arenal' - a huge cone of blasted rock, rearing up through the rainforest. While hiking through the jungle, Kosi and Jo discovered Costa Rica's breathtaking nature and fascinating wildlife; toucans, monkeys and all sorts of other animals accompanied them on their jungle adventure. After the hike, the pair savoured the magical sunset in the National Park.

As if that weren't enough to be getting on with, relaxing in a hot stream was the perfect way to unwind after their long day; while the body recovers in the hot volcanic water the mind is free to wander...There's only one drawback: the spot isn’t entirely unknown to tourists!

After enjoying so much nature and adventure the duo finally decided it was time for some surfing action again! The first destination in Costa Rica was the surfer town of Tamarindo, where they found some nice offshore beachy peaks at Playa Grande in a S / SW swell. The most famous, and, unfortunately, not quite secret wave is the 'Witches Rock.' For the boat to the secluded cove you have to but a whopping $ 100 deposit. Pretty expensive when perfect waves are waiting just next door!

It's just a shame that other than the great waves, Tamarindo unfortunately has little else to offer other than tacky tourism and high prices.

However, as the two surfers managed to score some quality culinary time anyway, you still get to try out the new recipe!

MEXICO - the coast.

After experiencing the city life and culinary delicacies that Guadalajara has to offer, the two surfers headed off south towards the coast. In San Pancho, alongside even more tasty tacos, the pair found some first class surf spots like Burros and La Lanchas.

The time flew by - 4 weeks, 5 states, 2000 kilometres. Travelling along the Mexican coastal highways was anything but comfortable, but the rewards were worth it: the idyllic surf spot of Pascuales and laid back point breaks in La Ticla. Our two surfers spent most of their nights sleeping in hammocks in small places along the coast.

For the time being the two are enjoying their time in Oaxaca at the world-renowned Puerto Escondido surf spot. Jo and Kosi managed to capture some breathtaking shots during a hurricane swell that threw up six to eight metre barrels in an area where the sandbars have claimed more than a few surfboards. At the vegetarian Hostel Osa Mariposa (a real insider’s tip), when not surfing, the pair have been learning about vegetarian cooking, with chef Jade successfully managing to convince them that Mexican cuisine has more to offer than just meat and fish.

You’ll find a little taster of their vegetarian cuisine in their new recipe: tropical curry wrapped in a banana leaf. Another great recipe, called Mariscoco, features in the pair’s newest video.

In a few days, our two intrepid surfers are heading off towards Costa Rica, so stay tuned!

Salt and Silver in Mexico


Flying over Mexico City, the second biggest city in the world has made a great impression on the two surfers. But the metropolis has only been a halt in between the way to their actual destination: Guadalajara. Cozy and Jo were immediately fascinated by the vibrant street art and graffiti scene. Together with some of Mexico’s best sprayers, the VRS crew and the EYOS crew, the duo perpetuated themselves in the streets of Guadalajara.

Apart from the extraordinary art, something else has left a lasting impression on both. According to them, a good taco combines almost everything that can be considered as delicious: Slightly salted meat, a spicy-hot salsa, the coriander slightly bitter and the lime juice refreshingly sour. In combination with the traditional, sweet rice drink, a feast for the senses.

By visiting Guadalajara’s big markets, the surfers gave their trip the right amount of spice. There, you can find every kind of Chilli one can think of – and a lot more. After a few weeks in town, however, it was time for them to make their way back to the sea. In the little surfing-village San Pancho they were able to enjoy the local hospitality. The best surf-spots, traditional Mexican food and a couch to crash on, all provided by the welcoming local surfers.

They brought home a delicious recipe from Mexico as well – the Portobello-Shrimp-Burger. You want to give it a go? Click here for the recipe.

After the exciting weeks in Guadalajara and San Pancho, they are now heading further south!


On their way to the beautiful beaches of Middle- and South America, the two surfer are not only on the hunt for the perfect wave. They take you on a journey to exotic places, foreign cultures and fascinating landscapes. Via their social-media channels they let everyone be a part of their trip. We keep you updated with the best pictures and funny clips of their adventures.

The first stop of their journey will be the Caribbean, starting in Cuba!

Beautiful Cuba is presenting itself from a whole different angle. Sponsors or cosy skate shops? No Sir! All decks and bikes are gifts from riders or have somehow been smuggled to the island. Cozy and Jo met one of the island’s most talented BMX-riders, body-boarders and surfers – Frank.

Although he was officially invited to the Pan-American Surf Championship, the strict Cuban exit regulations made it impossible for him to participate. Being sponsored is something Frank can only dream about, just like the rest of Cuba is dreaming of skate- and surf shops. Nevertheless – or even because of that – there are still exceptional talents in the Cuban sporting scene and undiscovered spots for curious riders.

And because a culinary surf trip would not be culinary without the food, they are sharing the best recipes with you.