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Salt and Silver

Skateboarding in Cuba

Two years ago, the Salt and Silver guys started their surf-travel-cooking adventure to South America. They grabbed their surfboard, chef's knives and cameras, traveled across South America and came back with the best street food recipes, great surfing photos and incredible stories. This year, the boys traveled again to South America and they recognized that Cuba has not only culinary delights and perfect waves to offer, but also a growing skate scene. The boys report:

Skateboarding in Cuba

Skateboarding in Cuba has grown. More and more skateboarders, surfers and Artists from around the world travel to get to Cuba to get the feeling how it was in Europe years ago, when Skateboarding was still in the early stages of development: Self Made gear, creativity and Solidarity.

Since we breathed Cuban air the last time in February 2014 a lot has happened. In just 2 years, the number of skaters doubled. So with our local homeboys it wasn’t hard to get up a contest to give away the boards and clothes we brought. Especially with the political situation in Cuba, the crew is very happy, that they are able to achieve something with talent and ambition. What’s holding them back is that it’s impossible to buy any gear and equipment even if they had enough money for it. That’s why everyone was shredding as hard as possible, the vibe was breathtaking and nothing compared to German contests.

Skateboarding in Cuba

Whoever is expecting a contest in a skate park is going to be surprised. There is a park but since it has been used for contest many times, we decided on a classic street contest. The suburbs of Havana, afternoon sun, 30 degree, American old timer, old skateboard, 150 people, two rails, one stair set – that’s it. Best session since a while!

The prize-giving was like the contest itself – loud and chaotic but with a lot of love and true joy. All the sticker and goodies were gone in no time and are on their own travels through Havana and Cuba. Of course we needed a group shot at the. Check it out yourself!

Skateboarding in Kuba
Skateboardcontest in Kuba