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Oakley Prizm

Oakley Prizm

Tiresome theme: You can’t wait to shred these beautiful slopes in front of you. But your mood is marred: Visibility is comprised in an all-white environment – reduced depth perception and minimal contrast compromise your quality of driving.

Don’t give up hope, ask Oakley! for years the brand has been mixing up the business and has now finally solved your problem. PRIZM™is a revolutionary bioengineered lens technology that is sport tuned to dramatically enhance contrast and visibility in the snow. Thus PRIZM™also works comfortably over a much wider range of light conditions than traditional snow lenses.

The dawn of a new lens technology.
The dawn of a new lens technology.  

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All Prizm glasses  

Just another promo-gag? It's not – We promise! The human eye is extremely sensitive to detail in certain colors, but that detail is lost in the flat, low contrast white snow. PRIZM™lenses slit the white light into individual colors. Then, just like an equalizer would boost treble or base to enhance a particular type of music, PRIZM™lenses boost the sensitive colors and filter the rest, leaving your vision with crisp detail that is not washed out by the flat light.