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plastic cruiser

Plastic Cruiser

The original cruiser

plastic cruiser

At the end of the 70s they suddenly appeared: small skateboards made of plastic that could transport you fast and could be taken anywhere thanks to their size. A countless number of skaters experienced their introduction to the skate scene on these short “vinyl-cruisers”. Even though the “Pros” belittle these kind of boards, they have played an important role in the history of skateboarding. Through the decades and the up’s and down’s of the skate-movement, the plastic boards disappeared more and more from the scene.
Even though their benefits are obvious:

  • the plastic decks are durable, robust and colourful
  • the short wheelbase makes the decks agile and maneuverable
  • Big, soft wheels guarantee a smooth ride
  • Thanks to the compact size and the light weight they are easy to transport and store. These features are perfect while travelling or in everyday life
  • They are an ecofriendly way of transport and contribute to an active lifestyle
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The comeback of the plastic cruiser

As part of the revival of the classic cruisers, the plastic cruiser also found its way back into the spot light. Companies like Stereo, Globe or Long Island Longboards reflected on the “good old days” and decided to readopt the clever idea of the mini-skateboards. Thanks to improved decks, wheels and trucks the boards rapidly became an alternative to longboards and the messenger of a very distinct way of life.
The small cruisers are of such a high quality nowadays that ollies, flips and tricks are doable.

Show your colors with Penny and Sunset Skateboards

plastic cruisers

Especially popular are the various cruisers made by Penny Skateboards. Besides the complete setups available in a vast variety of colors and patterns, the Australian company also offers wheels and trucks in all colors imaginable.
Sunset Skateboards on the other hand focus on modern LED-technology and manufacture skateboards with glowing wheels. Not only do they look flashy, they also improve your security on the streets, so that even at night you are clearly visible for other road users. The “Flare LED Wheels” are also sold separately, run without any batteries and are compatible with almost every cruiser.

Lifestyle on Wheels

Nowadays the compact plastic cruisers are an inherent part of the modern, urban culture. Go and get one of those stylish retro-boards yourself, enjoy cruising on the soft wheels and become part of the urban movement.
Or you can build your own personalized mini-cruiser by using the suitable components from our online shop and express your style on four wheels.