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Cyprus Hill Tour – The Blue Tomato Skateboard Team in Cyprus

April’s weather is famous for not being constant, especially in Central Europe. When temperatures drop below 10°C, you don’t even want to go skating in a hoodie anymore. So this raises the question, how do you productively go Street-Skateboarding in April? Go south, of course!

With that in mind, the Blue Tomato Skateboard Team gathered for the "Cyprus Hill Tour". You can admire the results in the form of a full Tour-Clip here, further down you’ll find more stories and pictures of the trip:


Cyprus Hill Tour

Less concert tour of the almost 30 year old legendary Hip Hop crew Cypress Hill, more one week of severe ripping on the Mediterranean Sea’s third biggest island with Philipp SchusterTobias FleischerMarco Kada and Blue Tomato Shop Innsbruck Shop Manager and teamrider Robert 'Schrembo' Klausner. All watched and video-recorded carefully by Viennese cinematographer Matthias Reich. Philipp himself not only brought his skateboard, but also his camera to document the other three taking apart spot after spot. Of course Philipp didn’t hold back himself in front of the camera.

cyprus skate
Philipp Schuster has more pop in his left earlobe than we have in our legs. Ollie. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Off to Cyprus

The planning all finished, rental car and apartment in Limassol reserved, and then this happens: Marco Kada, the newest member in the travel group of the Blue Tomato Team, sprains his foot while street skating, leaving his ankle in all colours of the rainbow. But Marco would not be Marco if a bruise like this made him cancel the tour. So the last few days before the tour are spent recovering with loads of ice packs, also every evening in Cyprus the ankle needs cooling. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the footage though, gritting his teeth was definitely worth it!

Tobi Fleischer as the drone pilot, while Robert Klausner not 100% sure of Tobi’s piloting skills Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Once arrived on Larnaka Airport, the next bad news: the drone’s batteries are gone. So the first mission in Cyprus was not to look for spots, but to find new batteries for the drone. Luckily, this is done rather quickly, and after picking up Tobi and Robert from the airport, the real missions can be taken care of! Philipp arrives a few days later, but immediately gets involved and delivers technical lines as good as they get. The weather holds up for the whole week with blazing sun, no wonder some days start with a quick dip into the Mediterranean Sea. Marco is used to throw technical flips down huge stairsets onto solid concrete, but when he’s about to jump a 10m cliff into the sea, his heart almost sank into his boots. But well, no one is good at everything…

Marco Kada takes a refreshing dip into the Mediterranean Sea. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Spots, spots and more spots

Thanks to the rental car, the group is flexible and can go from spot to spot all over the island. Agia Napa, Pafos, Larnaka, Nikosia, … no city or town in Cyprus was safe from the guys. In an inoperative waterpark, they find a uniquely coloured backdrop and a different kind of spots, which especially suit Philipp and Marco, who gather loads of footage here. According to Marco, "a truly unique experience"!

Waterparks are fun, even without any water! Plus they make for an amazing backdrop for Marco’s Boneless. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Robert Klausner in the meantime not only takes care of healthy food for the whole crew, but especially brings his unique style to every spot he skates. Tobi Fleischer does, what Tobi Fleischer does best and brings the heat to every metal spot, no matter how many kinks or how long. From mean 50-50s to flip to slide combos, he puts down everything and with loads of speed. Every evening the whole crew gathers around Matthias‘ and Philipp’s notebooks and check out the gathered footage, laugh about fails, cheer for banger shots and narrow down the choices for the main clip.

Even though this BS Tailslide by Robert actually can induce drooling, it’s just Schrembo’s interpretation of KISS‘ Gene Simmons combined with his necklace. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

One dampener occurs shortly before the end of the trip, when Philipp takes a heavy slam, bruising his ribs, and therefore has to concentrate on his job behind the lens for the last few days. The overall success of the tour still isn’t lowered by this, and thanks to Matthias‘s exceptional filming skills, the final clip is a banger-filled eye candy, as you can see above!

Not only street rails can be treated the Tobi-Fleischer-way. Gap to nosegrinds can also be done on parking signs. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Tips and tricks for you

Have you noticed that Marco’s griptape is a unique one? No wonder, since Marco takes his time to personalize every single deck he grips. And that’s not as hard as it sounds! Let him explain to you what you need and how to personalize your own griptape.

Stairsets are Marco’s specialty – luckily Cyprus has loads of those. Marco Kada, Hardflip. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Tobi is known for his rail moshing. But before you try and step into his footsteps by throwing yourself down every handrail you find, we have two important recommendations for you: Firstly, protectors and helmet, since you surely aren’t as safe on rails as Tobi is, and metal and concrete can make for nasty injuries! And secondly, listen to Tobi first, on what to consider before taking on a streetrail spot.

Tobi was the go-to-guy for everything metal. 50-50 through the kinks. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media  

Do you like the pictures Philipp took on this trip? This is obviously because of Robert, Marco, Tobi and Philipp’s performance, but also because Philipp knows exactly what to do with his camera. If you are considering to actually and seriously get into skateboard photography (and with that we don’t mean iPhone pictures with Blackeye Lenses – even though those are already really good, but still on another level of quality), then a first step is to let the master himself give you an introduction to skateboard photography.

In front of as well as behind the lens, Philipp was a guarantor for awesome pictures. Credits: Philipp Schuster / Trottoir Media