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Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Nixon Mission - the first smartwatch for a really active lifestyle

The new and super modern smartwatch from Nixon – the Nixon Mission – goes out to all landlubbers who prefer spending their time in the mountains, but also to all water rats that perk up just in the waves. Long story short, this is the first watch which was made just for the very active sportsmen and -women among you.

We are sure your parents always told you to put your watch down for swimming or doing any kinds of sport. Now's the time to prove them wrong! Because with the new Nixon Mission you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Quite on the contrary: the new Nixon watch is a must have on every wrist of every sportsman. So listen surfers, divers, snowboarders and freeskiers alike – we have the perfect smartwatch for you.

Nixon Mission ready for powder action
The smartwatch for those who enjoy extreme weather conditions

Higher, faster, further - Setting a new standard for actionsport equipment

To provide you with the technical features as well we let you know that the Nixon Mission is the first smartwatch to run with the new Snapdragon Wear Processor. Sounds complicated? In fact, it's not. This processor promises us a battery lasting much longer compared to other smartwatches. This means we no longer have to focus on the really boring things in life – like charging our smartwatch.

Of course, we don’t want to leave you hanging without the fact that the watch runs with Android Wear. Some clever people even developed apps exactly for this watch. We're sure you want to know which apps… Well, here you go: apart from the current swell you're able to receive some fresh powder and weather information directly to your wrist. Furthermore, you'll never ever forget any runs because with the help of the “Trace” app you can track them and simply sync them with your smartphone. All you need is a smartphone with Android 4.3 (or higher) or iOS 8.2 (or higher).

It's obvious that accidents usually happen during sports so Nixon built a watch which is almost indestructible. With a shock-resistant Gorilla Glass display and a rollover protection you can try every trick you can imagine – as often as you like. The smartwatch will definitely make it. We can’t guarantee for your own safety though. And because all of those features are not enough already the producers from Nixon thought why not make it waterproof up to 100 meters?! No sooner said than done! We're sure Nixon exceeded themselves once again with their new smartwatch Nixon Mission and now they give you the possibility to focus on the most important things in live – snow, waves and adrenaline.